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Pretty silly that they can't get save states running on simple roms. Especially since it is going to take them 3 weeks to come out after they announced them.

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Not enough reasons to buy now IMO. I just can't get excited for untouched roms. If they offered 10 3D-ified games, I would buy today. Hell, if they only offered TWO 3D classics and one was Punchout and the other was Link to the Past, I would buy now.
But not only these are basic roms of games that I physically own in my attic, and on my PC emulator, but I couldn't even get access to them until September 1st if I bought today? And that's as much details as they give? What are the other ten untouched old roms? When would I get those? How many months from now?
Buying today means:
Getting half of the old untouched roms 3 weeks from now, the other half we have no clue what games or when they will be available.
passing on the red 3Ds
possibly needing to glue pieces of rubber to my brand new $170 system so it's still-unaddressed defect of scratching the screen when closed can be fixed.
Still needing to wait until November to pick up the first 3Ds exclusive worth buying, assuming the very little shown about Mario Land 3D turns out to be good.
Still needing to wait for 3D movie streaming and decent 3D classics on E-shop.
I might wait for a redesign ( I WILL at least wait for a minor fix for the scratched screen issue for sure) I might not. But those old roms will not pursuade me to buy too soon. IF I cared about these roms supposed exclusiveness to those who buy before 8/12, there will be methods to play them on the 3Ds, if there aren't already.

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quick, everyone rush to walmart right now so they can have free accss to 10 old untouched roms 3 weeks from now, and 10 more unrevealed old untouched roms at some unspecified date in the future!

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This actually looks alright, but just like OoT, I beat the original 64 cart multiple times, repurchased them years later on Virtual Console, and even messed around with them in HD on Project 64. If these remakes were $19.99, I might pick them up, but $40 is too much. I would gladly pay $40 to a new game in either series, though...and what is the deal with no online MP? I don't know ONE person in real life that owns a 3Ds, let alone three.  And I'm a nerd...

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sucks that the man cannon that has been in all the demo footage turned out to be something you had to pay extra for. hopefully we dont get word before launch that the harrier jet is day one dlc or some similar bullshit
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So I guess companies like Gamestop and Walmart can still have the policy of refusing the sale of M rated games to minors, it is just that game vendors are not legally forced to adopt such a policy, right?

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Sony has made too much money off of HD Collections on PS3, and Nintendo their selves make too much re-releasing old games again, so what did anyone really expect here?
All those preorders of OOT3D and sales of Mario Tennis with Wii controls can take a nice chunk of the blame on this.

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One positive thing to take away from all this: Wii U will be THE go to platform for all your Silent Scope needs.

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I think Nintendo should have waited for TGS 2011 or even E3 2012 if they were not going to show any more than this. Why reveal the future of the company if you have no intention of "wowing" your audience.
No games other than Wii Sports with extra gimmicks, and same Wii graphics. No footage of what the system can actually do, outside of prerendered Zelda footage and a bird flying? No REAL game footage? No mention of specs? Footage of Darksiders 2 and Assassins Creed, both of which were almost certainly PS3 and 360 games?  Not even a real look at the actual box itself? Forget things like price and launhc specifics. They didn't even show the basics.
They have spread themselves too thin with this and the 3DS in too short a time period, and it shows. They were not ready for a console reveal at all.

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has sony revealed if the 3G version is also capable of wifi? If I end up buying a Vita, I MIGHT want 3G, or I might not. $50 extra dollars isn't much, so I would probably by the 3G version planning on giving wifi a go before committing to any kind of data plan.