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#1 Posted by batVomit (40 posts) -

As the XBLA update came out the other day, I started a new world looking for a mountainous map with cliffs and lots of vegetation. I started plugging in random seed names as i didn't want to start with one of the standard seeds out there and discovered this one (exactly as written) : THE THUNDERDOME Has LOTS of cliffs and vegetation, reminded me of the Gargamel seed... enjoy!

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I just can't believe that anyone would choose Jack over Miranda...

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I'd personally like a Reptile Kode as well, but don't want to get ripped.  I saw them on eBay the other day for cheap, but i don't know if i'd trust those either.  If someone has a Reptile and wants a scorpion, i'll pinky swear on it.....

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With all the pre-order Kostumes and bonuses, I'm looking to see if the old school ninja kostumes are in the game and unlockable? 

Gamestop = Scorpion
Amazon = Reptile
Walmart = Mileena
BestBuy = Sub-Zero

If not, I'm wondering if this thread should be a trading post for anyone who wants to swap pre-order bonus kodes ?  I know i ordered from GameStop  out of konvenience and could really care less about Scorpions costume and fatality...

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 I know that improvements are being planned for future API updates, but i was wondering if it is possible to (or will be possible to) search or request User Achievements for specific games? Not sure how the Privacy Policy works but i had a idea for a pretty bad ass app using the GB API and was just wondering...

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I did not know, Thanks !

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That sucks.  I've heard that they were pretty rough sometimes with their approval process.  Apple makes my heart sad.... 

#8 Posted by batVomit (40 posts) -

Any word on a GB iPhone update ?  Just curios if there were plans to add any functionality or features in the future...  Any suggestions on features that would be cool to see? 

#9 Edited by batVomit (40 posts) -

whats so stupid about it is my question ?  Beacuse i think that an ever expandable and editable HTML5 version of Pacman using EaselJS is pretty brilliant...

#10 Posted by batVomit (40 posts) -

then why comment in a Pacman forum thread you dildo ?

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