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#1 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:
" I have one Famicon Edition and one silver. 

" I just noticed that lack of a link cable slot yesterday and returned my second copy of Advance Wars. "

There is a link cable slot, the power slot acts as it :) I play Street Fighter Alpha 3 on mine. There's also a wireless adaptor, as well as 2 player link cable and a 4 player link cable. I have all.    
GB Micro Link Cable  (buy another Micro)

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Is that a cover on your gba? I think i could use one of those. Does the facepaint scratch easily?

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#2 Edited by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

I was thinking about getting a GB micro. I already have a gba sp+. A micro would be like another addition to my collection.I wanted to know which one to get. I was thinking about getting a full black one.

But Ive heard the famicom/20th anniversary edition is more valuable, so i guess il go with that one.

What i wanted to know is whether there is any difference between the famicom and 20th anniversary edition, as they both look the same.I wanted some clarification on this matter. How would i differentiate the two? I think i saw somewhere, a pic with some wording and a mario outline on the back of a famicom micro. Is it like that on all the famicom ones?

I'l be buying the micro from this local shop that i usually buy games/consoles from. However,the owner told me that maroon(red)+gold combo one isnt very popular because the gold parts get scratched easily in usage,making it quite ugly.Thus, its demand in his shop is way lower than other micro editions.But if i wanted one, said he could get it for me.Price would be the same. (61$ new.)

So have any of you famicom/20th anniv. micro owners experienced the gold paint getting scratched off?

If that is the case, i wouldnt mind getting the famicom/20th anniv. one as a collectors item and get a black one for more regular usage.

Any advice ,info or recommendations would be appreciated.

Ps- A question to all the collectors. Would the micro get spoiled if it is left unused? Im asking because in my gba sp booklet it mentions that the device should be recharged atleast once every 6 months or it goes bad,or something along those lines.     
Any recommended carry case or cover i should get?

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#3 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -


I've been having some problems with my original xbox of late, and wanted some help or advice on the matter.

My xbox is relatively new, as it was purchased in September of 2006. (Yes, I purchased one REALLY late.) It has served me well the past 3 years with no disc reading problems or crashes. Only on 1 or 2 rare occasions in this period, it froze while playing San Andreas. The dvd tray would also occasionally get stuck, usually when the tray was empty. But this was hardly a problem, as a simple tap on the lower left corner would 'unlock' it. So, apart from these minor quibbles the xbox worked perfectly and played great.

In March and April of this year I hadn't touched the xbox (or other gaming devices for that matter) as I was preparing for my finals. But as soon as they were over ,I started my xbox and it had no problems whatsoever. I was worried that being unused for that long would probably cause some problems or whatnot. But it worked fine.

But in October this year when I went to turn it on, I noticed that my xbox simply refused to boot up/turn on. Neither did the usual green xbox logo appear on my tv ,nor was my xbox power light blinking to indicate the console had been powered up.

Even a harder push of the power or disc button does nothing. So I tried again today but in vain.

When I push the power button nothing happens, but if leave it on for a few seconds, the green power light appears. However it doesn't blink and nothing appears on the screen. Also, no audible sound can be heard from the xbox or screen when this happens. After a few seconds the power light will go away.

Is this a problem anyone has had with their xbox? Is it some simple problem I can fix on my own?….. like a loose wire inside the case?

I asked a couple a local shops if they would repair it. However, they say that I need to bring it in and then their repair guy will look at it and give me an approximate/estimate. Then it would be up to me to have them repair it at that price or not. One of the shops advised me not to bother repairing it, as most of these repair or service guys the shops send it to, usually exaggerate the problem even if it's minor and basically rip you off. He said i'd be charged 40$ atleast, maybe even 80$ in some cases. And I'll have no way of bargaining or even know if the guy'll ruin it more.

So I wanted to know if there is something I could try to do to fix it myself, before I resort sending it to one of these guys to have a look at it. Any links to a similar xbox query being solved would also be great.

Any help would be appreciated.


-I dont live in the states.

-I know I can get a 360, but I really dont want to get rid of my xbox and would prefer if I could just fix it. I still have plenty of games i still need to play on it,many of which are not backward compatible on the 360.

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#4 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

The weirdest thing is ive never been to the mgs2 forums and never clicked on anything to add it to my favorites.

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#5 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

There is no remove from favorites button. Ive searched everywhere.

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#6 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

Below all the main  links on the home page it displays 
"Topics From Your Favorite Forums".
It always displays mgs2 topics. Its really annoying because i have never posted or read any thing related to mgs2 on giant bomb.( Ive barely even visited the forums). And i  definitely havent clicked on anything like "mark this forum as favorite", if such a thing even exists.
Is it possible i clicked on some tab or button on some page or forum that has caused mgs2 topics being my favorite? Its really odd and annoying to see it every time on the GB home page. i actually like being logged out because of this "bug".
Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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#7 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

that was great.. Dont own any expensive gadgetry like the iphone/touch though.

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#8 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

I came across a store that has a gameboy micro anniversary edition( gold and red). Its brand new. The shopkeeper said it would be hard, but he could get me a full-black version of the micro if i was really interested. Now, I already have a gba sp, but still want a micro before it becomes any more harder to get a new one. I will be using occassionally ,but im buying it mostly for collecting purposes. Which one would be more valuable or wiser to purchase. A jet black version which i would prefer,(but i wont play my micro much,since my sp is for that) or the anniversary edition. I wanted some reccomendations.

Also, which one would be more valuable in the future.


Also, is there any thing i should keep in mind before buying my micro? Since its not a clam shell design, what would be the best way to protect the front of the micro? Special scratch gaurd? Special pouch? Im really ocd'ish with regard to things like scratching screens and stuff.

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#9 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -

@ Agentofchaos----  BLASPHEMY!!!!   Seriously though i didnt like Max PAyne 2 nearly as much. MAx payne didnt look like max payne, nor did mona or vinnie. The first one is better in all departments, besides the slight alterations they made in the games mechanics, in the sequal.

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#10 Posted by BawaTheGamer (94 posts) -
addictedtopinescent said:
"So why did you buy a GBA now ? Can't you play those games on DS, plus the DS games ?
Anyway I think your over doing it man.
i know. I always wanted one. Plus i found a new one for a decent price ,so i picked it up
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