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Everybody's a Clone

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I felt Bioshock 2 did the combat allot better than Infinite, the weapons and plasmids where allot more creative and flexible. However the story in Infinite was incredible, but I liked the world of Rapture more than Columbia, it just had that discovery sort of feel to it, a mystery that made Rapture just more exciting to explore.

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Same, I hated the demo, bought it only because I was done with ME3 and Skyrim at the time. I enjoyed the game allot, both the factions and the main story were all really good, a bit predicable but enjoyable. The rest of the side quest however, were pretty useless, only completed all the side quest of the first two sections, then stopped. Also enjoyed both the DLCs which were released, Dead Kel was the better out of the two, but both were good DLCs in terms of content.

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London, England

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I like both, however LTTP holds up allot better than OoT, so going with LTTP.

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Fallout 3 had a better world to explore and it had a better atmosphere, but the story and characters in typical Bethesda fashion are pretty bad. Fallout: New Vegas is better on all fronts in terms of story, companions, rpg mechanics, balance, difficulty, weapons and mods etc. It also felt more like Fallout 1 and 2 than 3 ever did. Plus I liked F:NV DLCs better than i did with FO3, Broken Steel and Point Lookout where the only good ones out of the five released by Bethesda that I enjoyed, I really liked all of F:NVs DLC mainly because i enjoyed all the story.

From what I remember both FO3 and F:NV had the same problems, in that you usually finish the quest by going back to the quest giver, FO3 was allot worse because the actual story and writing was allot worse, making it allot more noticeable.

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Yeah broke my hand when I was four, got it stuck near a door and it kinda snapped/broke, didn't hurt really, I guess my brain didn't really process it, i was kinda shocked and thought "huh my hands looks a bit weird... i'm gonna get into trouble for this" went to my mum, and she freaked out.

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I enjoyed them both, but I always enjoyed Ratchet more, but recently played both HD remasters and Ratchet and Clank definitely aged allot better than the Jak Series.

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@ZGoon: My 360 disc-tray has similar problems. It has to have a game in it for it to open easily, if not it just clicks and reads but the disc-tray does not open, only opens if you hit it, 360 is 2007 Elite model, had the problem for a few months now, played ME3 Omega DLC but that requires no disc swapping.

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Fortunately, I've got no problems, just some lag in Spartan Ops but everything else is working perfectly.