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Cod Blops 2 and Halo 4 are going to be out a few weeks later, so it doesn't seem like a good release date, or maybe it's a game to tie shooter fans over until Halo 4 and Blops 2 actually get released.

The actual game doesn't seem bad, would probably buy it, obviously not for full price, buy it on the cheap as I did with the first one.

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@Jack268 said:

This is coming out in 3 days? I thought it was like 3 months away.

Damn 3 days, played the MP Beta thought it was OK, but tired of modern FPS, so this doesn't interest me at all.

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@Hizang said:

It depends on the game.

Would Journey have been as good of a game if it was 12 hours long, probably not. Would Borderlands have been a good game if it was 4 hours long, probably not.

Pretty much this, it all depends on the game.

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@frankfartmouth said:

I had the exact opposite experience with Doom 3. I thought it was cool the first few hours, then got bored with the repetition and nothing but shit jumping out of the dark at me. So you're probably not going to have fun at all.

Yeah I had the same experience, I liked the slow build up, the horror aspect and I always liked Sci-fi-horror, but than it got irritating and not as enjoyable, as it was pretty much a one trick pony, also don't like enemies teleporting in.

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343i showed of Halo 4 at quite a few gaming events, has anybody here actually played the game? Because from what I've heard, from people who actually played the game, is that it feels like Halo, so that's good enough for me.

Also the improvements to Forge mode and a shit load of more options to customise games is pretty awesome.

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I was, but most likely allot later and cheaper, disappointed that it doesn't have co-op for Doom 3 even though it was in the original Xbox release.

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Yup it's pretty awesome, the first Pokemon I captured was a Riolu which is pretty cool, also met a Magby, but started with Tepig. I've played all Pokemon games and enjoyed them all.

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Started with Tepig, I'll get the other two starters from my brother, but I don't really like the starters, previous generations look allot better, but Samurott and Serperior look good.

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I stopped playing, only logged in lately because I got hacked and recently recovered my account, I found my DH level 60 (5 paragon level) and over 50k dps, when orginally he was level 54 and only 10k dps.

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@SoothsayerGB: Halo is more of an arena type shooter, adding iron sights would change the whole pace of the game, there was an interview with Bungie or 343i (I forget) which answered this question, plus this game does not need iron sights, it may feel off to you, but it makes it feel unique and it is not a step backwards ADS isn't an improvement or evolution, its just a design choice, you may fee like that, but majority of don't want that is because again it would change the whole game, and wouldn't be Halo.