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IMO It seems that Sony are trying to have a console experience on handheld which is cool, but the handheld counterparts are no way near the quality of the console games, Sony should get their top tier developers to make PSV games.

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If all that shit bothers you, than you better stop playing video games, because all games have those problems, heck in KoA:R my character couldn't even jump over a small ledge, why don't you complain about that?

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@EXTomar said:

As I wrote in the other thread: Don't take this the wrong way but this sure looks like more Halo.

This kinda irritates me because you can say that about all franchises, but people say this specificity on anything usually to do with Halo.

The game play trailer was not that long, but the graphics look really good, can't judge the AI too harshly because there was only a few enemy and only 2 very small fire fights, and it seems that the difficulty was set on the easier side, the guns sound allot better especially the Assault Rifle. However they didn't really show anything, it was very short, so I am looking forward to some more information and game play.

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Doesn't happen to me much, but usually I'll give spare change, its usually a few quid, not that much, mainly because it has happened to me once, I needed a quid to get home and a kind guy gave it to me, It might happen to you.

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Shit scared of spiders, I remember when I was 8 on holiday, I go the the toilet and there was 2 massive spiders as big as my hand in the toilet, I just lifted my pants back up and ran.

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I got Diablo 3 for £23, pre-ordered years ago off Amazon, precisely for this reason.

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Rage's ending was awful, it just happens out of nowhere, Borderlands ending sucked, but the whole story sucked of Borderlands.

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Nope Halo game play for me has been great and fresh compared to all the military FPS, the campaign of Halo is allot more different compared to shooters today, Halo has allot more larger areas, good enemy AI especially on harder difficulty and it has things most shooters don't to do like split-screen co-op campaign.

In terms of MP, there's allot more variety in terms of game types, and Halo had a Theatre and Forge mode since Halo 3, most console shooters don't even bother, custom matches and maps makes for some crazy game type and the large Halo community have made some incredible stuff.

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I loved both Mass Effect, I was happy they where making it into a more action game, the RPG elements have definitely been improved than part two, its not as stripped down as in part two, weirdly its the combat in the demo that I didn't enjoy, it felt clunky, movement was slow, going into cover sometimes didn't happen, the roll was kinda irritating, changing weapons take you out cover and still no blind fire? I was hoping that it terms of combat it would be more like Gears of War 3, but it just felt allot slower and clumsier, the graphics look nice though.

Still excited about the game, hopefully they make the combat smoother.