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@ghostiet: No worries. I made the same mistake when watching the stream live. I was in the IRC chat going "what is this 1 letter bullshit?!" with everyone else before the runner explained that he was going to use Iwata as the player name.

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@n7 said:

Notch just donated 5k during the Gat out of Hell run. What a guy!

He donated 5k during the Mega Man 10 (or was it Rockman & Forte?) run, too. I thought it seemed a little low, since I remember he did like 10k or 15k in a previous year. I guess he's just spacing his donations out.

(Not that a 5k donation is anything less than wonderful)

@ghostiet said:

The Superstar Saga run is probably the most interesting one on the level of game manipulation, next to the Earthbound one.

@superfusion said:

Someone wanted the runner to name the file name Iwata (even though there's no donation incentive for it) but the runner wanted to save frames so he just named the file name "I" instead. Not a big deal seeing as how a lot of other file names will have his name on it anyway.

Same thing happened in Earthbound, only that one was about RNG manipulation. And it's good, because Aurilliux shattered the estimated time and would do it even further if the RNG didn't crap out the one time during the end bit.

With the Earthbound run, the characters all had single letter (or symbol) names, but the 'player' name (that gets entered a little ways into the game) was set as Iwata.

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@jaymii said:

It's worth checking out OpenEmu if you have a Mac. When I travelled from London to NY last year, I played lots of old Genesis and SNES games. Lots of fun! If you fancy a random, "newer" recommendation, how about Papers Please? It's thematically appropriate for cross-country travel, has a long tail, is engrossing and isn't at all intensive on the computer.

The big question is... Will you have a charger?

I agree that an emulator would have you set in terms of variety and low hardware requirements. I'd think Papers Please might get to be a little tricky on a touchpad once things start ramping up. But then, it has been a while since I last played it, so maybe it's not as demanding as I'm remembering it.

If you like adventure games, one that I'd recommend (assuming it works on a Mac) is Toonstruck. It was on the last time I checked.

*edit: Or you know what? Fuck it. Time Clickers

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@notorious_pog said:

Why bother with a kickstarter if you already have a company funding it?

I imagine the KS was to gauge interest in the first place. In other words, they didn't have that funding secured until after the KS launched and got some acceptable number of backers.

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@ikilledthedj said:

@demoskinos: I'm watching it now, what did he actually do, like yeah he kinda is a struggle to watch but has he said or does he say something a bit out of line?

EDIT: ohhh is it these multiple references to suicide?

Yeah, I imagine it was that and the (multiple?) time(s?) he stated he was going to shoot people in the audience. Like, at the end he said something like "one of these days I'm going to snap and murder you guys". I'd like to imagine he meant it as a joke, but it's the kind of joke that also gets made by people who actually DO go on to snap and murder people.

Plus, I've heard that the organizers explain to the runners what kinds of things they can and can't say ahead of time. He makes some half-hearted disclaimers the first few times he jokes about suicide, saying something like "but don't try this at home", and mentions later on how this is supposed to be a "family friendly stream", so it seems like he had been warned beforehand. I imagine there were at least a few organizers just offscreen waving their arms frantically at him during his run, trying to get him to shut up.

Third, supposedly the viewer count and donations dropped TREMENDOUSLY during his run as a result of his behavior. Normally I wouldn't say that viewer count and donations are necessarily the runner's responsibility, but when something is this extreme, it ventured into the territory of hurting (or at least stalling) the charity effort. Not to mention the potential concerns of corporate sponsors/advertisers.

All that being said, it's still super shitty of people to be harassing him on his stream afterwards. At worst he deserved a stern lecture from the organizers and to not be invited back for future events, not mob harassment. I don't know the details firsthand, so the worst-case-scenario of sponsors getting nervous might not be a concern, but still...

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If you like the "here's a bunch of dumb themed bosses" aspect of MGS, 2 movies I'd recommend are Ninja Scroll* and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust**. Between those 2 movies, you've got a bee guy, 2 dudes that can melt into shadows, a lady who can turn corpses into exploding zombies, a lady made of snakes, and MORE!

*Ninja Scroll does have 2(!!!) moderately graphic scenes of sexual assault. Also a bunch of violence and a scene of consensual sex, but I think the 2 rape scenes are the most likely to be make-or-break for people.

**VHD: Bloodlust is the sequel to the original Vampire Hunter D, but I don't think you really need to see it. All you need to know is that the protagonist, D, is a half-vampire who hunts vampires. In other words, Blade. But D also has a mouth on the palm of his hand (a literal mouth that eats stuff and makes bad jokes and is generally D's sassy sidekick).

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Man oh man do I hope we get good King Art Games (Book of Unwritten Tales 1, CC, and 2) and not crummy King Art Games (The Raven). The BoUT games are SO damned good, which just made The Raven that much more of a bummer.

Though to be fair to The Raven, I only played the first hour or so. That first hour was enough to convince me not to play the rest, but for all I know the game gets amazing 2 or 3 hours in.

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I was scared of a LOT of my games (for some reason) when I was little. But the weirdest one to send me running away from the computer crying was Rock and Bach Studio. To this day, I couldn't tell you why it got to me, but something about it freaked me the FUCK out when I was 5 years old.

I was also terrified of this old DOS Jeopardy game, but I think it's pretty clear that the Dan guy in the middle has both the desire and the means to climb out of the computer at night and murder you in your sleep. So that one makes sense.

I'm sure Pete is also up to something. Irene seems trustworthy enough, though.

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I'm so glad that that particular scene lived up to the hype, @zombiepie. I was worried it had gotten talked up too much and you'd just be like "That was it? Yeah, I guess it was dumb, but I was expecting worse". Now just imagine playing through the game without knowing the game had a doozy like that in the chamber.

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Ben Kuchera wrote a piece about this very topic last week (and cited a GamesRadar article that discussed the same subject), saying basically that Batman "doesn't kill" only in the sense that the people aren't dead as of when he leaves. Whatever happens to the henchmen left concussed and bleeding on the ground 15 minutes after Batman walks away is none of his concern.

Batman kills people left and right. The important thing is that they die out of frame.

[...] Batman has always killed people, the "camera" just never sticks around to see the aftermath.