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@tylea002: ok thanks. I just wanna get rid of them as they are in the way of expanding the town.

As far as I know (which isn't very far, to be perfectly honest), they don't stop you from clearing land, making new buildings, or upgrading existing structures. They seem to just float around harmlessly.

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I've only seen a few reviews, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've read that the gameplay is kind of busted (according to one review, you're not penalized for missing notes, so you can just wait until the heat drops to whatever temperature gives the biggest bonus and then rack up a huge combo). I've also seen some mixed reviews about the humor, in that some of the reviewers found some of the writing amusing, but all of them felt that at least some chunk of the humor relied on old, forced RPG tropes and "zaniness" to get its laughs.

I haven't played the game myself, so again, I'd take those previous complaints with a grain of salt. But it doesn't seem to be burning up the charts, either, unfortunately.

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I may be the only one, but I'd love a Ghost Master 2.

While we're at it, let's all try to imagine what another Illbleed would be.

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Rich Gallup summed it up best.

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Wait, Sawbones is hosted by the McElroys? I just heard an ad for it on Judge John Hodgman (another Maximum Fun joint), and I thought the guy sounded familiar!

Small world, I guess.

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It might not be completely cancelled. It could be one of those cases where Watch Dogs died so that (some other game) might live.

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The guy from that one crime show.

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@milkman said:

"I am incapable of fear."

What an asshole.

I couldn't have put it better myself.

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All I want to know is when that Xavier Woods guy is gonna get his shot at the big time. I like him, he's got moxie.