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Would The Cave's habit of making you play through the same goddamned puzzles every playthrough (even/especially the puzzles that don't change based on your chosen characters) be considered "padding" or simply "a bad design decision"?

Not that it stopped me from finishing the game. It just stopped me from liking it at all by the time I was done.

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@brodehouse: first openly gay football player in the nfl. Picked up and then cut by the St. Louis rams.

Ah, I was wondering why that name sounded so familiar.

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  • You can double click on a person to add their data to the graph
  • Things get real dicey when the graph gets too big
  • The uptime of the page may also be hit or miss but every thing you need to run this can be found on GitHub.

Yeah, it really didn't like it when I put in Troy Baker.

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Last night I sent a this tweet honoring the Rumble's true champ.

The image, in-lined for your convenience

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I want a SimAnt game that uses modern computing power to go crazy with colony AI and physics and shit.

I want to make something like this.

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@joeyravn said:

Congrats, Vinny!

Now call your second child Min, so you can Min/Max.

You brilliant son of a bitch.

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Whoawhoawhoa! As much as I like this game, this is a terrible precedent to set. How long before we're forced to upgrade handhelds/consoles on a regular basis to keep playing games? If this becomes a trend, might as well just go PC.

My thoughts exactly. Plus, it's going to make Nintendo's severe naming problem that much worse. People already have a hard enough time understanding that the Wii U is a different system from the Wii (not just a peripheral) and that the 2DS ISN'T a different system from the 3DS. Now there's going to be a system called (in Japan at least) "New 3DS" which ALSO isn't a completely new system, but DOES have features that let it play unique games.

I feel so, so sorry for the people working at places like Gamestop that are going to have to try to explain all this to people.

"I'm sorry, but that game is only compatible with the New 3DS. No, I understand you didn't buy a pre-owned 3DS, but that's different from a New 3DS. If you'd like, we have a few refurbished New 3DS's in the back for a discounted price. Yes, a pre-owned New 3DS still plays New 3DS exclusive games."

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I can't decide who I want to root for in the PAX Royal Rumble. Based primarily on promo videos and pictures, I think I've narrowed it down to either

Jared "Lunatic Fringe" Rea


Brad "Colon Dee-stroyer" Muir

The current unknown in my mind is Jeff "Black Dragon" Green, which I only call an unknown because I don't think he's released any sort of promos yet.

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I've taken to naming my characters FemShep.

This includes a brief stint of playing that dumb Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game (thanks, Patrick) as FemShep. Her "introduction" quote thing was "I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite boutique in the city"