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@bbalpert: Do quests. Earn entry fee for Arena in no time at all. Stockpile gold for Arena. Better than buying packs since it's 50 gold more and you're guaranteed a pack anyway. Doesn't take too long, I put in a few matches per day on average between all the big releases of the last few weeks (Titanfall Beta, Donkey Kong, South Park, Titanfall) and I have like 900 gold roughly. I could play the arena 6 times! Which is secret code for months at the rate I'm going. Mind you I've had some great streaks. Currently I've got a Rogue I drafted last week that's done 6 1. Real nice.

You're right, but it's just deflating to get stomped 3 times in a row like that, especially to dumb stuff like that.

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I like the Arena in concept, but nothing says "fun" like spending 2 bucks (or a roughly equivalent amount of in-game currency) to immediately lose all 3 matches to a someone that drafted multiple legendary cards, someone that played Nat Pagle on their first turn (using their coin), and someone that was trailing by 17 life who won by 4 Mind Blasts in a row.

Grumble grumble grumble.

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Now I want there to be a reality TV show where some women and sassy gay men assess video game characters' outfits and give them style tips on what they're doing wrong.

Put Tetsuya Nomura on as a guest judge who does nothing but yell at people for not incorporating enough belts and zippers on their outfits, and you've got yourself a hit!

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If I could play the PC version today, I sure as hell would, but I can't. So here's what I tell myself to feel better about that.

As long as you avoid the coverage and discussions as much as you can, the game will still be new to you whenever you get around to playing it first. That being said, playing a little while after the first rush means that if (or more likely when) you get stuck, you have more resources to turn to.

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@coafi said:
I'm sorry.

Now I'm thinking about Shuu Iwamine driving a race car. I'm okay with that.

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Look at those burgers and pups! Rorie must have been FULL after all that chompin'!

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@tylea002: ok thanks. I just wanna get rid of them as they are in the way of expanding the town.

As far as I know (which isn't very far, to be perfectly honest), they don't stop you from clearing land, making new buildings, or upgrading existing structures. They seem to just float around harmlessly.

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I've only seen a few reviews, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've read that the gameplay is kind of busted (according to one review, you're not penalized for missing notes, so you can just wait until the heat drops to whatever temperature gives the biggest bonus and then rack up a huge combo). I've also seen some mixed reviews about the humor, in that some of the reviewers found some of the writing amusing, but all of them felt that at least some chunk of the humor relied on old, forced RPG tropes and "zaniness" to get its laughs.

I haven't played the game myself, so again, I'd take those previous complaints with a grain of salt. But it doesn't seem to be burning up the charts, either, unfortunately.

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I may be the only one, but I'd love a Ghost Master 2.

While we're at it, let's all try to imagine what another Illbleed would be.