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All the Kairosoft games. Well, most of their older ones anyway. I haven't played any of their recent stuff (if there is any. I haven't checked.), but I feel like I can confidently recommend most of their older catalogue.

You say you haven't played any of their recent stuff, but that's not really true. I've you've played their older stuff, you've played the newer stuff. They're really all the same (or the same 2 or 3) game(s). And as time went on, the games just continued to converge.

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Hooray! I'm not the new guy any more!

Quiet, new guy!

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Jesse Ventura awarded $1.8 million in suit against ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle

Suing a person who is considered by many to be an American hero and refusing to drop the case even after his untimely death will certainly help endear Ventura to the military community and the public in general.

Which is funny considering that I thought the basis of the whole defamation suit was "he said that said bad things about the military, and I can't have people thinking that I'm against our troops"

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Bushido Blade is the best lightsaber combat game ever made.

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I really like Slay, which was originally an old Windows game. It's a straightforward hex-based strategy game against multiple AI opponents.


The sudoku app I use and would highly recommend is called "Enjoy Sudoku". It's got a bunch of options and features, including some good tutorials and a hint system that actually gives you hints before telling you what to do (for example, it might say "Look closely at this highlighted row" or "Consider the number 3" before telling you "just put a 3 here").

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Polygon is the kind of site you visit because writers at the sites you actually follow link to their pieces. Communities also form around engaging personalities; they have Arthur Gies.

I go to Polygon from time to time to see what oldest brother Justin McElroy and baby bro Griffin McElroy are up to. In case anyone is wondering, Justin is currently up to his eyeballs in FMV games.

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  • Tourist Rolento is totally rad
  • Toolbag Dan is perfect
  • Hawaiian shirt Blanka!
  • I like the idea of a "court ordered highway cleanup crew" Cody
  • Hell yeah, Scuba Seth
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One of the other things that frustrates me about the game (because it indicates how close they came to getting certain mechanics RIGHT) is the inconsistency of rules between chapters. The biggest offender in my mind is the inability to multitask (most notably in chapter 5).

In chapter 5, you are given X number of "turns" to complete some task with a group of characters, but you're unable to have 2 people do different things at the same. If one guy is sent off to explore some area for 2 turns, that time is lost. You can't have the tell the rest of the team to spend those 2 hours resting or scavenging or send out a second guy to explore some different area. Everyone has to sit there quietly, doing nothing, until your first task is complete.

The reason that this is a frustration of inconsistency as opposed to plain dumb mechanics is that unlike the rest of the game, they got it right in chapter 3. The entire chapter revolves around the ability to manage multiple workloads efficiently. You start one guy on a 6 turn job, one guy on a 3 turn job, and tell another guy to rest for 3 turns. 3 turns later, you swap in the resting guy for the person who finished the 3 turn task so that by the start of turn 7, he's rested up enough to take over for the now exhausted first guy (who's been working the last 6 turns). There's still some amount of RNG messing stuff up, but at least you aren't ALSO arbitrarily wasting turns.

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Having finished the game (on easy, with a guide for some parts), I will say that the single biggest problem the game has is pacing. Specifically, the sections are far, FAR too long for their own good. The poking and prodding at the "black box" of game mechanics is interesting... for a short while. The trial and error method of progression is tolerable... for a short while. But when 45 minutes of progress gets wiped because of a bad dice roll or the introduction of a new variable, it stops being fun.

The part that kills me is the fact that in each chapter, there's at least some glimmering element of what COULD have been a really cool game.

And @zggurat, the ending is basically...

At the very end it turns out that Burden is in a time loop on a mission to help Xenolifer achieve its goal, but without resorting to terrorism/genocide. The implication is that every time you (the player) fuck up and get everyone killed or allow Liam to release the virus is something that DID happen, but Burden just gets zapped back to the beginning to try again. This is why you can finish a chapter with some casualties, but have those characters back in the following chapter.

In other words, it's Groundhog Day.