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I'm currently trying it. Seems alright, though a bit pricey.

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Maybe this was just a series of coincidences, but do other people get more lag when fighting captains and warchiefs? I was fighting 3 captains and a few regular dudes, and by framerate TANKED. But when I have been fighting much larger groups of enemies (such as in the arena side mission/s), the game ran relatively smoothly. Would the fact that 3 captains with ostensibly 3 different AI things running at once be more demanding than a bunch of instances of the plain old grunt AI? I don't actually know how AI stuff works, if that wasn't already obvious.

By the way, I'm running it at 1680x1050 with most things on high (but with stuff like AO and tesselation disabled) on a GTX-570. One thing that helped was setting it to limit the fps to 30.

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I saw someone on Twitter express some concern, citing how input lag on modern TVs (compared to CRTs) makes the PSN versions of Parappa and Um Jammer Lammy nearly unplayable (in their opinion, at least).

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I'm always looking for an excuse to post this video of the wonderful Paul Barnett. At some point he explains the Warhammer Fantasy Battle factions as British class/regional stereotypes. If I remember correctly, the high elves are "posh people" and the dark elves are "posh people who've done a lot of drugs. Lord Byron, in other words."

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Edit: Also, orks with a k are the best because they're the meanest and the greenest.

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A kind of neat idea sadly undone for me by the recurring video game curse of selective subtitle absence.

My thoughts exactly. This is actually why I asked the question in the first place.

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Each time you load up the game, you hear some dialogue or bits of a conversation. Is any of that stuff important to the story or is it mostly little background info tidbits?

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Ganondorf is the man-ondorf

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@teddie It's like a tiny Heavy Weapons Guy. A Light Weapons Guy, I suppose.

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[...] and if I just don't care or actively disapprove of the game, then I'm just savestating wherever out of spite.

In cases where you dislike the game, why are you playing it in the first place?

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I hope the career mode is robust enough for me to live out even a fraction of the adventures of Bully Demise.