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I doubt people mean that in the....what was that game that ended halfway through and got a lot of controversy about that fact?

Asura's Wrath, maybe? That wasn't as much that it didn't have an ending, it was more that it had a lackluster ending to which they added a frustrating "oh by the way, this other part of the story that we glossed over earlier is actually really important but we won't tell you how or why unless you buy the DLC." That being said, the DLC ending is bananas.

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Can we ban comments like "it ends" and insist people levy actual criticisms against their GOTYs?

I'd normally agree, but I can imagine there are some cases where an abrupt or unsatisfactorily early ending with little to no resolution IS a legitimate criticism.

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@steadyingmeat: Ah, that makes sense.

Anyways, for me it would probably be: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Eavesdropping and tailing missions are never* fun.

*It's kind of funny the first time the game makes you tail someone with your ship, but even that novelty wears off quickly.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf

I think it's bullshit that your villagers can just up and leave if you dare not play for a few days.

Don't they do that sometimes even if you do play every day?

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If for no other reason than being a cool tech demo, Little Inferno is pretty neat.

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I seem to recall Hotline Miami taking a lot longer than one sitting to get through. Then again, I went back and got all the achievements/S-rank for every stage, so that may be skewing my thoughts on how long it actually takes to get through.

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@donchipotle said:

When does Shao Jun get her own game

Good question. That's what I'd figure they'd go with for a next game.

Edit: I just had a great/fucking stupid idea. John de Lancie reprises his role of William Miles, and the game tells the story of how Assassin Mentor Gene Roddenberry writes William into his sci-fi TV show as a recurring side character named "U" in order to spy on Templar Grand Master Jonathan Frakes. Matt Jefferies (the art director whose name was referenced with the "Jefferies tubes" on the ships) is the guy that builds and upgrades William's blade and gadgets.

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I still think it should be either Carly or Charlene, but that's because I can't let go of old jokes.

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I did it! I defeated! It turns out that what finally got me over that hump was the realization that I was being too quick with the ripostes. Throughout the entire game, I'd been parrying and riposting as almost one super fast motion (acting under the assumption that it worked like a fighting game where I'd only have like a 5 frame window). When the parry was successful, the riposte worked great. But if the timing on the parry was off, I'd already hit the attack button, so my character would start to swing as soon as his parry animation finished. Normally that wasn't much of a problem, because I could kill stuff quickly enough that I could survive if I just followed the first accidental swing with a few more attacks. But with Gwyn, what would happen is I would fuck up parrying his first attack of his 4 hit combo. By the time he started his second attack, my character was already committed to a lengthy greatsword/ultra greatsword/great axe attack animation that left me completely defenseless against Gwyn's second hit. And his third. And his fourth. And then I'd probably be staggered (or at least panicking) from taking all 4 hits head on, leaving me unable to get out of the way of his grab.

Moral of the story: Wait until you know the parry has worked before hitting the attack button. It's better to be too slow and land a normal hit instead of a riposte than it is to be too fast and commit to a reckless attack.

Although I have to say, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to the story for the ending to make any sense at all. But whatever. Praise the sun.