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Rune Factory 4.

I thought I just saw Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS eShop 2 days ago.

Or was it bad and that's the joke?

Yeah, the joke is that I happen to live in Europe where some 3DS games never see the light of dayt here. And in Runefactory's case, the publisher went broke before they could get the game to the Europe.

Oh, sorry about that.

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@ravelle said:

Rune Factory 4.

I thought I just saw Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS eShop 2 days ago.

Or was it bad and that's the joke?

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I don't get the issue with Zoe Quinn. Why is the internet freaking out and obsessed with her? Specifically I don't see the issue with Ben Kuchera writing a story on Zoe Quinn while giving money to her on Petreon. This would be like I can write something praising or condemning how PBS works because I gave them $200 in the last pledge drive.

The only conflict of interest I can see is if GB or whoever is "subscribed" to someone's subscription service and has a show or article on subscription services and deliberate avoids or explicitly shows things they've subscribed in only a good way.

Its a good deal different because the money goes directly to the person. You are basically paying their bills for them. Its not difficult to see a conflict of interest here, don't you think their motivations might be in question?

What you're talking about is almost the opposite of a conflict of interest. If Quinn were paying Kuchera, THAT would be a conflict of interest. This is more along the lines of say, Vinny buying a game on Steam in order to do a quick look video.

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I'm not watching Raw right now, but if this is a reference to something that happens, I will be so, so happy.

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I was going to comment on how cool the US Mega Man cover is, despite all the hate it gets, but then I saw the PAL cover.

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OHHHHH, so THAT'S what people meant when they were talking about "Shulk" being in the game. I thought people were joking about She-Hulk making a surprise entrance.

You show 'em, Shulkie!

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Fake, I don't see Goku on there.

They also forgot Scorpion.

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So do you think enough of the greater Whiskey Media family has kids that there can be a Giant Babycast?

"Hey everyone, it's goo-gooooosday"

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Alex Lifschitz, a guy I personally know and trust, has been on Twitter documenting this whole shitshow. It sounds like it's real rough.