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How did you know I am social media! I am all-up-ons the low low lowest membership subscriber sale, it has ever been. (BLLSL starts at 2am here so ill miss the first half =( )

I imagine it'll be archived. Or at least I hope it will, since it starts at 2 PM for me, so I'll also miss the first few hours.

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I've already seen pretty much everything in the game by way of Supergreatfriend's thorough LP, but I'll probably still pick up a copy to support Swery. I did the same with Deadly Premonition when it finally came out on PC.

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@sku said:

The Street Fighter cartoon was pretty miserable. At least we got Tiny Dee Jay out of it.

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There was also a Darkstalkers one that I wanna say only lasted maybe two or three episodes? Capcom maybe wasn't making the smartest decisions over in the US.

For the longest time I thought that maybe I'd just come up with that Darkstalkers cartoon in a dream, since I only managed to catch it on TV one time at like 4:00 AM. But it definitely existed. Apparently there were 13 episodes.

Talbain, Felicia, Sasquatch, Victor, Rikuo's toes/fin, and shitty viewer surrogate Mary Sue created for the show, "Harry Grimoire"

On a side note, the 13th and final episode is titled "Everyone's a Critic", which I'd like to imagine is some sort of commentary about the show's quality and reception (but probably isn't).

*edit: One last note, here's Demitri and Morrigan looking like total dorks on the VHS box.

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@starvinggamer: @capum15: thanks for that, also, thanks to the person who pointed out highway ramps and reversing traffic flow. I think I'm closer to solving my traffic problem.

Some more observations (although I'm probably wrong, obviously I could look up the wiki but screw that)

- Unlike Sim City 2000, industry seems far more dependent on your connections to road/rail/sea, whereas SC required you to balance your residential/commercial/industrial zones carefully. Industrial zones seem to do much better when they have healthy access to highways, cargo harbors, train depots etc. With regards to highways, the more highway connections (highway ramps!), the better your industry will do (or will increase demand?). This aspect doesn't seem explicitly obvious (except in mouseover text), but the mechanic is a little eh...

- Instead of Residential dictating jobs in both industrial and commercial, residential seems more of a constant that's influenced more by overall quality of life (education, health, happiness, etc.). The three are kind of linked, but it's less direct than SC2000. To experiment/fuck around, I flat out built a small residential zone about a kilometer away from my main city area in the stupidest place possible and, unlike other games of this type, houses still got built there (in fact I didn't need to tear the area down at all, strangely).

- Road access dictates almost everything (I seem to be missing something with buses and metro and instead adding to my traffic problems). If people want to go to schools or jobs, they take roads to get there. If fire engines wanna put out fires, they need roads to get there. If garbage collectors wanna collect, etc...

- Pollution comes in two forms, sewage and ground water pollution. Sewage is from your outflow pumps (hint, put them downstream and don't poison the water supply), ground water pollution comes from most industries (forestry zoned industry seems to do less, I think?) and both garbage and cemeteries and most power plants will contribute to this type of pollution. You can see how much an area is polluted by clicking the appropriate info thingy. People living in areas where the ground water is polluted will get sick, which seems unavoidable, regardless of how many hospitals and parks are nearby. I haven't put in recycling policies, which might reduce it.

Other complaints:

- No one is going to my fucking opera house or stadium. That shit's expensive to upkeep, but I'm still making money regardless.

- I am sick of bulldozing industrial buildings all the damn time.

- The reason that industry thrives with more connections to the outside world is that the game factors both raw materials and finished goods. Generic industry needs raw materials imported by highway, rail, or ship, into the city (or supplied by your own specialized industries) in order to produce finished goods. And those finished goods are shuttled over to your commercial districts to be sold. If your industry produces more than your commercial can sell, then the surplus goods are exported by highway, rail, or ship.

- Pollution only spreads a certain radius from industrial zones, and it doesn't leech into water pipes. As long as your water inlet pumps are clear and your residential zones aren't built on polluted ground (which they shouldn't be anyways for traffic and noise reasons), pollution won't be a health factor.

- I wouldn't bother bulldozing abandoned buildings. If you knock down an abandoned building without addressing the reason it was abandoned in the first place (such as not enough workers), it'll just happen again. However, abandoned buildings WILL eventually get re-inhabited if the root problem is fixed (such as more residential zones and/or an easier commute from your existing residential).

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@marz said:

call of duty 4 mw, warcraft 2, final fantasy 2 aka 4(snes), uh.... and super mario bros(nes), mario bros the arcade game came out before it and stuff..

Oh man, Super Mario Bros is SUCH a perfect example that I completely forgot it WASN'T the first game.

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What are some game series where the first entry didn't get off the ground, gain widespread popularity, or implement features that the series became known for? The game that inspired this topic in the first place was Street Fighter 2, but I feel like arguments could be made for Far Cry 3 and Saints Row the Third. I'm torn on whether Symphony of the Night counts in this, because while it is the "vania" in Metroidvania, the earlier games were very successful in their own rights.

What are some series that, to you, didn't really "start" until a sequel?

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Scorpi- wait, my default joke answer for fighting game threads actually works this time. Well then Reptile, I guess.

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And here I though the port of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round sucked. It was 3(ish?) months late, uses the last gen version's graphics, has no online play, doesn't let you rebind keys, and doesn't work with many controllers (some XInput vs DirectInput thing apparently), but at least it runs... usually.

PS: Goddammit, @fobwashed.

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Something something flat circle...

*edit: But the 2x3 black/white button layout is a smart way to handle the things, so good on them for that.