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I just hope all this love doesn't go to his head :D


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This game looks so good, I hope it will come also for android.

It should be, eventually.

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@csl316: Do you actually think they are going to release a game with Barrett as is in North America in 2016-17? Because...hoo boy. Hoo. Boy.

Also, big chunks of the Wall Market section might not exactly fly the way they did in 1997.

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Awesome! I saw that she'd mentioned doing work on some game a few weeks (months?) ago. I guess this is what she was talking about.

This just makes me more excited for the game.

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I heard somewhere that part of the reason Indigo Prophecy's ending was so abrupt/stupid was that the game was supposed to be a lot longer (and was supposed to explain stuff a bit more, I guess), but they realized halfway through development that they would need WAY more money than they had to finish as intended.

On the other hand, that explanation gives Quantic Dream an implicit pass that "it WOULD have been a good ending", which I'm not convinced is the case. If there were money issues, I think that cutting out a long middle section only helped the game. The ending would still be dumb even with more explanation. But the way it was released, at least there was a somewhat amusingly abrupt "ahh, fuck it!" derailing of the plot.

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Outlast: The ghost wasn't a ghost at all. It was the consciousness of a mental patient inhabiting a cloud of Nazi nanomachines.

I fucking wish I was kidding about that.

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@corvak: If you can get it at least loaded up once, it'll let you access the daily milestone deals that unlock. The game itself is basically an MMO raid version of Clicker Heroes. You click on monsters to deal damage, killing monsters gets you gold. Gold lets you upgrade your click damage, enable auto-fire, and purchase abilities (such as "gain a bit of gold for every click for the next X seconds"). The big difference between this and something like Clicker Heroes is that you're playing cooperatively with 800 people (and consequently the monsters have like a thousand times as much health as you'd have in a single player game).

Every time I've tried it, though, it's been reeeeaaally laggy.

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@alex:I just looked into it and it turns out Double Fine released a beta patch the other day on Steam that's supposed to fix the issue. The patch notes imply that the crash has something to do with Wrinklers hitting characters with certain status effects (like blind or drunk).

So I presume this means an official, non-beta patch should be out fairly soon on Steam and for the Xbox One version.

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I've had a few crashes on the PC, as well as some times where the screen froze for 5-10 seconds while the game was still going on in the background (for example, it might hang up at the start of the enemy's turn, and it would be my turn again when the screen caught up a few seconds later).

As far as the crashes go, they seemed to be happening right as one of my characters got hit by a Wrinkler. Maybe it has something to do with the combat aging mechanic?