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I thought you were going to mention this old gem.

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Why don't some hackers use their powers for good, and find out who these people that are making death threats are, publish their names, addresses, where their children go to school, etc. Let's see how they like it. Turnabout is fair play.

I kind of agree that scumbags like that deserve to get hounded to the ends of the earth. I really, really do. But that kind of backlash would only make the entire situation a WHOLE lot worse for everyone involved.

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Certain parts of Gone Home, but that was mostly because I'd just gotten out of a long relationship and some of the plot details hit uncomfortably close to home.

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The "nemesis" fight turned out pretty cool for me. I got to fight my favorite punching bag, Flak Warmonger, whose head was wrapped up in a burlap sack from all the scars I'd given him over the course of the game. He looked like Scarecrow from Batman.

I kicked his ass one last time, for old times' sake.

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@corevi: Platinum seriously needs to hire Chip as a writer or designer or something. He always does a WAAAAY better job at explaining Platinum games' mechanics than the games ever do themselves (I'm looking at YOU, Wonderful 101).

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Seaman is the best game about a cod.


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What I want to know is what all this makes Gary Whitta. Is he an elf, an uruk, a murloc, a tyranid genestealer, or what?

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I wonder if the P4 Golden Duder portraits have finally met their match.

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How do you feel about clones with different stats, like Ganondorf being a slower, stronger Captain Falcon (assuming that's still the case in this new game)?

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I've had that happen a few times on my GTX 570. It usually fixes itself if I quit out to the main menu and load back into the game. On the times when that doesn't work, restarting the program (or just shutting it off and playing it later) seems to work.