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Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions! I just looked up some of these dishes online and they all look super good. I'm really pumped for dinner now :D

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Bulgogi is good if you like meat

I do indeed.

@midjet said:

Bibimbap, bulgogi and Kimchi! All very delicious, at least at the Korean place here.

I hope bibimbap is as delicious as it is fun to say.

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Hey everyone, tonight a friend of mine is taking me to a Korean restaurant in Washington DC's Koreatown. Do you guys have any favorite dishes or recommendations?

I'm not a picky eater, I simply don't have any point of reference for what's what in Korean cooking. I have heard that restaurants tend to give you a whole bunch of little dishes with different foods on each one, as opposed to everything on one big plate/bowl, but that's about it (and I don't even know if that's true).

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@bollard said:
They get bigger than this

What the hell is Adam Boyes doing with a big ugly crab?

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@jadegl said:

The Big O. It's like anime Bruce Wayne / Batman with big robots. People in my life who don't like anime like Big O.

Doesn't he also think comic books are for dorks?

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From all the times I've tried to play Pathologic, I'm not sure I quite grasp the appeal. I dig the atmosphere and unique setting, but it seemed a little extreme in how demanding it was with timed events and deadlines. The game just seemed way too eager to let you completely fuck yourself over, often in ways that wouldn't reveal themselves until a number of game days later. Maybe that sort of "good luck, fucker!" approach of teaching you to swim by throwing you into the ocean is what some people like.

I may still give it another try. I hope it's more polished than Knock Knock, though.

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The way the GBDudersFeed worded their tweet about "honor[ing] Justin McElroy" almost makes it sound like he's dead. He isn't, right? I sure hope nothing's happened to him.

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Would The Cave's habit of making you play through the same goddamned puzzles every playthrough (even/especially the puzzles that don't change based on your chosen characters) be considered "padding" or simply "a bad design decision"?

Not that it stopped me from finishing the game. It just stopped me from liking it at all by the time I was done.

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@brodehouse: first openly gay football player in the nfl. Picked up and then cut by the St. Louis rams.

Ah, I was wondering why that name sounded so familiar.

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  • You can double click on a person to add their data to the graph
  • Things get real dicey when the graph gets too big
  • The uptime of the page may also be hit or miss but every thing you need to run this can be found on GitHub.

Yeah, it really didn't like it when I put in Troy Baker.