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The idea that in the first two images the circle stood for Steam OS and that in the third image it's suddenly supposed mean something totally different (controller, Source 2 etc) isn't consistent with their own visual language. A language that so far has been pretty consistent. O=Steam OS. [O ] = Steam OS in a box. O+O= Steam OS + Steam OS.

The new part of the language is the '+' symbol. What does that mean in context of two steam OSs? Are they being combined? What is the result of two combined Steam OSs? Are they meant to be independent but connected? How are they connecting together and for what purpose?

Wasn't someone quoted as saying that SteamOS was not just an operating system, but also a "cooperating system"? If that's the case, it may be that O+O isn't 2 SteamOS's, but SteamOS and some other OS. This is just my wild ass guess, but I'd think that would imply that the announcement could have something to do with some system for loading both SteamOS and Windows/OSX onto the same machine. Or it might have something to do with streaming stuff from your high(er) end PC running Windows to your Steam Machine running SteamOS.

Or it's something completely different, like "every Steam Machine comes with a complimentary Bowie knife", I don't know.

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I'll second the recommendation to learn something like LESS or SASS. They can make styling far easier. If you're already pretty familiar with CSS, you can jump in and almost immediately start benefitting from them.

As far as WordPress starter themes go, I have a custom one that I use that is pieced together largely from Bones and Roots. Just please, take the time to thoroughly customize your design so that it doesn't look like yet another Twitter Bootstrap site or just yet another WordPress blog. WP is a fairly decent CMS, but it's also easy enough for people to make a lot of terrible sites using it.

Depending on how deep down the WP rabbit hole you go, you'll probably pick up a little PHP and start to notice some shortcomings of WP, and from there you have the option to shift into making your own more customized sites with a web framework like Symfony, CakePHP, Rails, Django, etc.

Bones and Roots both look like they've got some really nice features, I'll check those out. So far, the starter theme I've liked using the most has been Reactor, but as with everything else, it's got some shortcomings and eccentricities. And I plan to try to do whatever I can to customize the sites so that they don't all look alike, although my limited experience with "the WordPress loop" and PHP is somewhat restrictive at this point. I do agree though that WordPress makes certain aspects of a site dangerously simple to modify, and in turn, fuck up.

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@catsakimbo: Er, for some reason it deleted the content of my reply. Anyways, thanks for the advice, I'll definitely look into SASS/Compass.

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Gabe Newell is going to announce that he was inspired by his portrayal in VGCW, and is starting VGDCW (Video Game Developer Championship Wrestling) as GM. Starting roster to contain Swery, Brad Muir, and John Vignocchi as faces; John Drake, Jeff Green, and Dave Lang as heels; Hideo Kojima and Phil Fish as wildcards. Jeff Gerstmann will be reprising his VGCW role as Ref Gerstmann.

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"Now hiring: New head of EA Mobile.

Job requirements: Creativity, motivation, and not being a fuckin' snitch"

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I was going to warn about the potential for fires (or just fucking up your laptop) if you fell asleep with sheets/pillows blocking the fans, but it sounds like you're already getting around that issue by using a lapdesk.

Don't like doing anything in bed besides "bed business", i like to keep the sheets fresh.

Then you're not doing your "bed business" properly ;D (I kid, I kid)

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One of the things I do for my job is setting up and customizing WordPress blogs for clients, but with little-to-no formal training in that area, I feel like anything I try to customize beyond whatever controls are offered by the given theme is unguided and kludgy. I can do some stuff with CSS and I'm starting to get a bit of a handle on PHP, but terms of workflow I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

My (hopefully not too lofty) goal is to find one or a few different themes that allow for a fair amount of flexibility of formatting/styling, but not be weighed down with too much pre-existing fluff. Up until now whenever I've needed to design (well, customize, I suppose) a blog or Wordpress-based website, I've generally hunted around ThemeForest for something that looks close enough to what I need, bought a copy/license to use/modify, then spent the rest of the time breaking it and taping it back together.

But it feels like that's a really inefficient way of doing things. Every time I use a new, I need to set aside a bunch of extra time to sift through its code to reverse engineer ITS kludges and workarounds so I'll be able to know how to disable them, all before even starting to put any of my own content in. It's like I want to build a new computer, but instead of just buying a good, well designed case to put components into, I'm buying a pre-assembled computer just so I can spend even more time yanking its guts out to make room for my components.

I started trying to go back to basics and work with some kind of bare-bones framework, but a lot of that just led me deeper into the rabbit hole and left me with more questions. I don't know if I should be using Skeleton or Foundation or Options Framework or jQuery or 960 or if some of those are just elements of each other. I don't know if once I have a framework figured out (if I even should be doing that at this point), which of the myriad "easy to use, simple and clean" themes (WP-Skeleton, Reverie, Reactor, Options Framework Theme, Super Skeleton, etc) that offer implementation of those frameworks, or if I should try to develop my own custom theme from scratch, or make some Frankenstein's theme out of elements from a bunch of different themes. I don't know anything about, or even if I need to concern myself with stuff like Sass and Ruby (on or off Rails) or what.

Duders, I'm in over my head and need, if nothing else, some guidance on what stuff I should be researching.


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Valve really missed out on a great naming opportunity. Why didn't they call the boxes "Steam Engines"? I suppose that could have lead to confusion if people were to also refer to Steam's software and service with the word "engine," though.

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For those that don't get what people found entertaining about the idea of horse_ebooks being a spambot, here is my take on it.

I always imagined it as something along the lines of UVB-76, that Russian numbers station. The tweets weren't really all that important by themselves, but I liked the idea that horse_ebooks was just a little snippet of code running on its own on some beat-up old computer propped up between a fax machine and a cardboard box of broken SCSI hard drives in the corner of an abandoned server room somewhere in Eastern Europe. I don't know, there's just something... romantic about the idea.

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Maybe just an invisible wall and when you hit it, the dude will just be like "i can't leave the city, i still have to ____"

"The Saints need you in Steelport... I mean Chicago"