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Be patient, people. Grieving is a complicated process and can trick you. Just when you think you're over it, and better, something can sucker-punch you faster than you would think.

Seconded. In a way I'm kind of glad that they have been taking it slow. Obviously, I'd love to see a ton of content go up, but not at the expense of the crew's well-being. The last thing I'd want would be for them to have tried to jump right back in after 2 days and "power through it", only to have an episode of "Bradley May Cry" get cut short due to actual crying.

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@carlos1408: Yeah, it is true that making a lot of other changes to the language has plenty of hazards of its own. There's always the chance that you go too far and make things nearly unintelligible or not far enough and just being kind of dumb (see: Warhammer 40K novels where buildings are made out of "rockcrete," vehicles and machines with combustion engines run on "promethium," and advanced calculations are done by machines called "cogitators").

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Did they ever add a color blind mode? I tried to play this on DS when it came out but couldn't well enough because of how close some of the colors look.

I can imagine that'd be tough. Even without any color vision issues, it's sometimes easy to slip up and make the wrong move when dealing with sets of units that are muted, dull green and blue, red and purple, blue and purple, or yellow and white.

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I think that making up a substitute swear word only works if enough other words have been replaced. If it's been established that the language has evolved over time (as languages do), then an occasional "frak" makes sense. If it's supposed to be 2550 and everyone speaks with a late 20th century broadcast standard American accent and vocabulary, "shazbot" sticks out like a sore thumb.

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Guys, I think I found out the name of this game if it going to be on the PC and if its a point and click FMV adventure game: DIVECLICK!

I hope that's their intention. And I just floated the idea by Dave Lang on Twitter, so if it wasn't their intention, it may be now.

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Shit man, I don't know what do say. For what it's worth, I hope things work turn out alright for you and your mom.

: \

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I wonder how well a 3D printer could make a bobblehead. Someone get Will and Norm on the case!

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I do need a new pair of shoes, and a sick pair of green 574s would be nice, but I'm not sure I'm quite man enough to wear shoes that say "Baller Time"

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The first one or two Hitman games are really, really rough, but Blood Money is one of my all-time favorite games.