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I love me some fuckin' Picross, man. Awesome job!

Your next challenge: Picross 3D

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It's threads like this that remind me you Americans have a far-reaching and fantastical world of fast food that I will never know.

Same here. Except for pizza. I would never trade the pizza culture in Sweden for the US. Theirs is not bad, just.. it lacks variety I've found in a way most fast food lack variety here. At least when I was over there like 10 years ago.

Is Swedish pizza actually good quality pizza or is it more that they'll just put whatever the fuck you want (or don't want) on a pizza, like Japan seems to do?

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Perhaps not a divide similar to the extent that Mexican TV producers say "well we need to quickly establish this character as sophisticated and/or evil, so let's just find some actor from Madrid," but a difference in accent/terminology/spelling that would make Spanish Spanish and Mexican Spanish immediately identifiable?

Maybe this is ignorant, but I'm just curious whether Mexico and Spain make fun of each other's use of words like truck/lorrie, apartment/flat, cookie/biscuit, etc. The same goes for Canadian French and French French.

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To me, pro wrestling occupies the same place in my mind as Eve Online. Both are cases where it seems like it's more fun to hear people talk about them, telling grand tales of intrigue and deception and alliances, than it is to experience them firsthand. Or rather, they may be fulfilling to experience if you're willing to devote a ton of time and effort, but their appeals aren't readily apparent to an outsider.

If that makes any sense.

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Female 1, all day, every day.

The One True Boss.

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One of the FAQs suggests unplugging and replugging the controller while the game is running. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you, unless you have a chatty mouse. (There are a few mice that constantly generate mouse-moved events in Windows, rather than only sending events when the mouse actually moves. This is problematic for a variety of reasons, but it especially effects games like Saints Row that support both mouse/keyboard and controller, and that pay attention to the most recent device to generate input; since the mouse is constantly generating input, the controller gets shouted down.)

This might be part of the problem. One of the things that I noticed (and appreciated, since it doesn't seem as common a feature as it should be) was that as soon as I started to use my controller while on the main menu, the mouse cursor disappeared. That could imply that the game makes a substantial distinction between "controller mode" and "keyboard/mouse mode," as opposed to games that recognize controller inputs but still show a mouse cursor and keyboard prompts.

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Wendy's buns are well shaped.

Yeah, girl's got it goin' on ;D

(sorry, I could not resist)

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Too young for Jett Jackson, but saw this lad on Scrubs. R.I.P.

Are you thinking of Donald Faison, or was this guy also on Scrubs? I've only seen a few episodes, so I don't know if he was a character at some point in the series.

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What did your countries have going on around that time? Is putting a man on the moon one of those things? No? Then Xcom gets to be about us.

We win the 20th century! Woo!

Eat it, other countries!