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How can you be excited to progress through something when you already know how it ends?

Fire Emblem: Awakening? Oedipus Rex? Actually, didn't a lot of Greek literature eschew suspense entirely by just referencing where things were going, anyway?

I'm always reminded of Romeo and Juliet when this comes up, where they tell you how it ends right at the beginning. The ending is rarely the most important part of a story, and in this case I would say the little things all throughout the game that weren't in the anime is what makes the game stand so far above the anime.

The problem with the Romeo and Juliet comparison is that the ending it's not supposed to be a mystery.

Edit: Of course that's not to say that there isn't a ton of other reasons why P4 is an awesome game, just that for a majority of the game, your overarching objective is "find out who/what is behind the deaths (and stop it/them)"

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Didn't one of the Onimusha games have the guy from Leon: The Professional in it?

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@donchipotle: "And if Drakengard 3 doesn't end with some sort of "Fuck You for playing this game" well then it'll be a worse game because of it."

But don't you think that in a sense, a nice happy ending where everyone lives and all the loose ends get conveniently tied up be the ultimate "fuck you" ending for a Drakengard game?

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Teddy's Japanese voice is positively un-bear-able.

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The most I've ever had something favorited was when I quoted Ryan from one of the Bombcasts and he retweeted it. I still remember the quotation, too (it was such a great line).

"You wanna look all erudite and shit with like, hella books. But books, man, fuckin' books..."

I think the context was Brad or Patrick talking about moving from one apartment to another, and commenting on how goddamned heavy boxes full of books are.

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A new SimAnt built for next-gen systems/high end PCs, and I want all that power going towards AI. I don't want a few hundred ants driving a guy out of his house, I want a black (or red) blanket laying siege to a fucking city.

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I'm half hoping that Polygon gives the console an 8 just so I can see the Internet catch fire

I'll admit that I haven't checked through all 9 pages of this topic to see if it's been mentioned yet, but if not, I wanted to congratulate you on your prescience.