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Though it also good to remember that not all developers are able to budget games properly.

Tim Schafer is known as the developer who has problems staying within the limits of the given budget.

In his defense, he also seems to be pretty reliable when it comes to delivering a solid product. But you're not wrong about his budgeting.

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@themasterds: I want to say that I completely, absolutely disagree with your choice... but I can't, and that makes me feel funny inside D:

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@yummylee said:

Hang on a second, something looks familiar about Barry, there...

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And yeah, like I said, it's a matter of principle. I do, however, resent your implication that my purchase doesn't matter. I saw Swing Vote (I didn't.)

If you are talking about my implication, the reason I worded it that way was primarily because you stated I know one purchase doesn't make a difference, but it's a matter of principle." If you took offense by what I said, though, I do apologize.

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I am seriously contemplating getting one of those stupid anime boob mousepads and turning it into a DiveKick controller.

My biggest obstacle is the shame of having an anime boob mousepad on my Amazon purchase history, and the implications it will have for my "Maybe you'd also like to purchase..." suggestions.

*Edit: As for the actual costs, @warpr, I've been looking into that stuff and those 100mm dome buttons are generally around $8 each. So with 2 of those buttons, the materials for the box, the input controller, the overhead for actually building the things, and some amount of markup so that they can make at least a little profit on each unit, my uneducated guess is that somewhere between $40-60 would be about right.

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Is it that you're concerned other people will see you wearing a Deadpool sweatshirt and think "that guy sure loves that obnoxious-ass character from UMvC3" or that Disney will look at its quarterly earnings and say "well 10,000 units sold would have been bad, but we've got 10,001 so full steam ahead on the Deadpool movie sequel!"

(And I do realize that neither of these are literal, since you are talking about this as a matter of principle. I'm just curious which principle, specifically.)

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I've been thinking about something a little morbid recently. Do you think Microsoft has any legal (or at least moral) obligations to contact emergency services if the Kinect detects somebody is in serious medical danger? It's been stated that the Kinect can detect the player's heart rate, as well as facial expressions and (obviously) broad gestures. So what if hypothetically the Xbox sees the player standing up, smiling, and dancing with a normal heartbeat, then suddenly stands still, frowning with an irregular heartbeat, then lies on the ground with a dangerously slow/quick heartbeat?

I know that it's not really a video game console's responsibility to monitor the player's physical health, but on the other hand it feels a little weird to have a machine just watch someone die when it has the capabilities to both to detect (certain) medical emergencies and to call for help (if the console is connected to a network).

And to put it somewhat in perspective, there is some sort of precedent for this kind of thing, with OnStar and other devices in cars that can detect major impacts from a car crash and automatically call for help.

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More games need DongFX.

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A few weeks ago I got super pumped after reading some announcement of Capcom vs SNK 3 for next-gen systems. Immediately afterwards, I got super bummed when I realized that the announcement was an April Fools post from 2012.

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I've made 1 post on CV, and it was immediately locked. Evidently it's not okay to ask if Wolverine has adamantium teeth.

P.S.: It turns out that he doesn't.