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And no, this isn't to hide porn URLs or anything. I'm just tired of having Chrome trying to send me to Google Reader, when it of all browsers should know better.

I could probably just wipe my entire history, but I'd rather not go to such measures.

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Cool Thanks, I was wondering what happened with that, I only got a little ways in because I was distracted by something as well, It was a funny touch that the sister wouldn't read that about her baby sister but the damn completionist in me demands the whole story.

There are some similar reactions at some of the things you find in and around the parents' room. Specifically, a condom in one of the dad's drawers and a book about how to enjoy sex again in a long marriage.

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That thought did cross my mind. And I may have cried a bit from happiness a bit at the end, but I'm not 100% sure, because those tears would have blended in with the waterworks that started after the journal entry dialogue lines "I just wanted to make you happy, Sam." "I don't think you can, any more, Lonnie." hit far too close for comfort.

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I thought the story in To the Moon had a fair amount of promise, but I could not fucking STAND the writing. It reminds me of the discussion of Pacific Rim from a few Bombcasts ago. They described Pacific Rim as a dumb concept executed masterfully, as opposed to something like In Time, which they said was an interesting premise completely squandered.

The way they described In Time is precisely how I feel about To The Moon.

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Oh man, I don't know if this idea has been proposed a million times before, but if it hasn't, check this out...

If enough people make their own scripts/algorithms/bots to automate the betting process, we could hypothetically bet on which bot is the best at picking winners.

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That's a fuckin' rad Stig.

Also, after going to 4 or 5 Otakons in the past, going to an industry trade show at the Baltimore Convention Center for work was surreal as hell. I kept expecting to turn a corner and find a giant bargain bin of shitty anime movies on VHS or someone selling pre-modded PS2s (it's been a long time since my last Otakon), but it was always just more screwdrivers and drywall and stuff.

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I like that google doc, and I think I will start at season 2. However I can't figure out what date season 2 starts. Which one on there is the season 2 first one?

The first one that has the chat is December 23, 2012. However, there are a few episodes after that (mostly in late January) that don't have the chat archived, so it's up to you if you want to start there and skip a few episodes or just start on February 1, 2013.

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The earliest that you can 'reasonably' start at is partway through season 2. That's about where a guy named Clem started recording and uploading both the matches and the chat window. Somewhere around season 4 (I think), a person named Zylche took over the responsibilities of archiving VGCW and WVGCW matches. You CAN watch Twitch archived videos of matches from season 1 and the start of 2, but you miss out on a lot without the people in the chat losing their goddamn minds over every little thing.

There's a Google Doc that has links to all the archived playlists and everything, that's super useful.

That's how I did it, anyways. I still haven't watched that first season and a half, but over time I picked up on what happened. As of the 'start' of the recorded matches the major plot points had been...

Little Mac from Punch Out did something bad (I don't know what), there's a big scandal that leads up to some unknown person hitting Mac with a car. Luigi vanishes, and a mysterious masked fighter named Mr. L starts showing up every once in a while to kick the crap out of somebody and then run away. Speculation of Mr. L's identity runs wild, but it remains a mystery.

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Yeah, seems like the game could be really awesome once you understand how to actually play it. Unfortunately, no one has effectively explained how to actually play the game, not even Platinum themselves. This video kind of changed my mind on the whole game though.

I was going to post this. To be completely honest, I think Platinum could use someone like Chip in whatever department is in charge of making sure the game explains its own mechanics.