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It works for VGCW because rasslin' is supposed to be able mindless, incoherent screaming. It works decently for things like SuperGreatFriend's weekly StreamFriend show because it's a smaller group of people (although it still degenerates into bickering from time to time as chats inevitably do). It would not work for Giant Bomb streams because the audience is too big.

*edit: Not that I don't think most of you duders are great, it's just that far too many stream chats end up being complaints either about what game is being played or who's playing it.

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I think @pekoe212 is on the right track, in that Kanji and Naoto's dungeons/shadows are not as much representative of who they are, but who they think they have to be. Naoto feels like she can't be both a girl and a detective, so she needs to put up this masculine facade. Kanji may or may not like guys (or even girls), but he feels like he has to be either a straight tough guy or a flamboyant homosexual craftsman. Neither of them feel like they can just be themselves, a girl detective and a tough guy who sews.

I do think that in a sense, the scenarios aren't actually all that different from the rest of the characters. It's just that instead of being unable to accept the fact that you can simultaneously be tough and like to sew, they struggle accepting that someone can strive for bigger and better things without being a dismissive asshole (Yosuke), that helping others doesn't make you a dominating control-freak (Chie), and that carrying on a tradition doesn't mean you're a helpless, mindless drone (Yukiko).

Everyone thinks that they have to be all the way on one side or the other, and facing their shadows is the process of realizing that being somewhere in the middle is not, in fact, a contradiction.

That's how I see it, anyways. All things considered though, it has been an awfully long time since I last played (well, watched the ER), so my memory is a bit fuzzy on some details.

*edit: It seems that in the time it took me to type all that stuff out, 5 or 6 others beat me to the punch with very similar answers. Oh well.

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You're welcome.

Also, the GB crew got wayyyyy into Windjammers and then they got wayyyy into Nidhogg.

I don't think they got into Nidhogg NEARLY as much as they got into Windjammers.

Nah, but they were playing it on UPF for like a month straight.

Yeah, looking back I guess you're right.

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Marvel is, in my opinion, the best Lego release to date, but I'd probably buy whichever franchise interests you the most.

Oh btw, I've played all of them except for Harry Potter 5-7, the new Hobbit one and the Nintendo exclusive Lego City.

I agree on the franchise point. Each new game seems to have some incremental polish and/or added features, but the core gameplay is always the same simple, repetitive "punch stuff, switch between characters to solve rudimentary puzzles, collect stuff" over and over again. The recent 5/10 GameSpot review of Lego The Hobbit summed it up pretty well, stating that (as always) there is a whole crapload of stuff to see and do and collect, and it's all charming as hell. But stripped of your fondness for a given license and appreciation of its in-jokes and allusions, none of the mechanics are all that fun.

That all sounds super negative, and it kind of is, but I still enjoyed the hell out of the Lego games I've played and I'll probably play another if the right franchise gets used.

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You're welcome.

Also, the GB crew got wayyyyy into Windjammers and then they got wayyyy into Nidhogg.

I don't think they got into Nidhogg NEARLY as much as they got into Windjammers.

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I can't believe I'm the first person to recommend Left 4 Dead. You can play the campaigns in L4D2, but the handling is not as tight, the guns take up more screen space, there are too many hordes and it's not as balanced. I almost always choose the L4D2 campaigns when I play L4D2.

You're not the first person to recommend it. Well, I guess technically you may have been the first person to recommend Left 4 Dead 1, but whatever.

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SPEAK TO ME, DUDERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is Garrus in it?

Probably not, but the idea of Garrus in a detective adventure game rekindled my burning desire to see an LA Noire style "Stories of C-Sec" spin-off game. See attached rad image I made a while back.

Detective Garrus Vakarian, badge 1247

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Is this the obvious conclusion, or am I on the fringe for thinking that maybe they actually DID go with the "using The Streak to elevate a younger guy", just indirectly? Keep in mind, I'm new to this stuff (and also haven't actually watched RAW or Smackdown, just perused the recaps), but it seems like they're using Heyman to funnel some of that prestige to Cesaro. In hindsight, that would make a lot of sense, because Cesaro gets the boost of getting picked by "the manager of the guy that broke the streak" without taking the heat of being "that giant baby-looking motherfucker that beat up an old man".

But again, maybe this is all super duper obvious if you actually watch the shows or know any background information.

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Is there a port of Valkyrie Profile for any of the systems you have? I never got TOO terribly far into the first one, but I do remember Lenneth (the protagonist) being a beast.

*edit: Also Dark Souls. Everyone looks the same in Havel's Armor*