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Who cares about that wrestling garbage : /

I do, ever since I came to the realization that pro wrestling occupies the same place in my mind as Eve Online- they're both things that I could/would never put enough time into enjoying firsthand, but I could listen to crazy stories about them all day long.

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I really wish Kenway's Fleet had a "speed up all friends" button. Going through one ship at a time can be kind of a hassle.

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It kinda seems like a reaction to the feedback and reviews of AC3.

A lot of the design choices in the game feel like they're directly addressing the problems that people had with AC3.

  • A streamlined crafting system that's actually USEFUL
  • A protagonist that's not constantly brooding and maudlin
  • An out-of-Animus experience that's FAR less up its own ass
  • Guns are useful again. They still take a while to reload (because that's just how things were), but now you can carry like 5 pistols.
  • A system for making money on the side (Kenway's Fleet) that makes more sense. It's still not great, but it's a lot better than AC3's caravan stuff
  • Not as many instant fail stealth missions (although still far more tailing and eavesdropping missions than I'd have liked)
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I thought the ending was pretty good, but they never addressed the one thing that I was hoping to learn: How Haytham ended up with the Templars. I know it's Edward's story, not Haytham's, but I kept waiting for some kind of twist where the Assassins betray Edward, or for his experiences with guys like Rackham and Roberts to cause him to believe that maybe people DO need a stern master's hand, or even that the baby that the Templars (or just the British) took from Kidd before she died would turn out to be Haytham- and that he'd be raised and indoctrinated by the Templars. SOME sort of explanation.

Two things I did really like though were the "Market Analysis" segments and what I am wildly speculating to be hints that the next AC may be in China.

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Based on the description, it sounds like Spring Breakers is what Hotline Miami would be if it were made in 2035 (so that it would be about 2012 instead of 1989). Having not seen the movie myself, I don't know if that's at all accurate, though.

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@beachthunder: Lol, is that a picture of your girlfriend or something? If so, I get the joke and it's funny, but kind of weird that you'd post it here.

that's from the forza 5 quick look.

okay, now Im really lost. Why post it here? Whats the thread man?

Forza 5 is full of free to play microtransactions is what I think he was getting at.

Saying it's from the Forza 5 QL doesn't help unless you know the original context of the "Never" picture.

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In the first Leisure Suit Larry game and the reloaded version you have to use a condom when you are having sex with the prostitute or else you will die.

Ah, that's right. I think LSL 5 or 6 also had some puzzle where one of the women said she'd sleep with you if you had a condom (which you couldn't get for some reason), so you had to find a rubber glove or a balloon or something to use as a substitute.

Although I may be conflating that puzzle with the balloon animal puzzle in Grim Fandango...

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I'm pretty sure that finding/making a condom/condom substitute was a puzzle in at least one of the Leisure Suit Larry games, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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I'm bbalpert on UPlay.

Edit: Just sent invites to all of you (unless I missed anyone, in which case send me an invite or whatever)