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Sniper rifle made that level a breeze. You can just sit back and pick off everyone before they get close enough to charge you.

That's what I had been using, but even when trying to be careful about ammo, I still got to what I assume (or hope) is the last section of the level with only 3 bullets left. Other than the 1 crate that gives you a bountiful 4 bullets, is there some other way to get more ammo that I'm missing?

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For the most part, this game has been the good kind of hard. It's been "you died because you fucked up" hard. But I've been banging my head against level 16 ("Casualties", where you assault the power plant) and it's really deflating my enthusiasm about the game.

There are just too many enemies, too little ammo, and too many windows/open areas to get shot from offscreen. Does anyone have some sort of tips on how to tackle this stupid, stupid stage?

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I wouldn't be surprised if they put one up at some point over the next week or so.

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Do I need to say any more?


You can divert rivers?! As someone who was way into From Dust, seeing this sort of mechanic really warms my heart.

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*edit: The bug has supposedly been fixed with a recent patch*

I've been adoring the game so far, but I ran into what is apparently a known game-ending bug. Luckily, I had a backup save from maybe an hour earlier (which only took about 15 minutes to get through the second time, knowing what to do).

But late in chapter 2, you have 2 items (we'll say "A", "B", and "C" for the sake of not spoiling things) that you need to use at a specific location ("D"). If you use A at D, then you can use B on A, and then use C on B. That works fine, that's how it's supposed to work. HOWEVER, the game will let you use A and B together in your inventory. DO NOT DO THIS! If you do that, when you use what SHOULD be the A/B combination at D, the game registers it as just having used A by itself. In other words, you lose item B, which means you have nothing to use item C on, which means you can't go any further in the game.

Specific details (what A, B, and D are): This happens right near the end of chapter 2, when you're in the caves as Wilbur. The second time you use a rope on a pipe (the first being when you escape N8's trap), you have to use the rope on the pipe over by the coal seam, THEN use the bag of sand on the hanging rope. If you do that, then the bag will be shown hanging from the rope, and you can do stuff to it. If you combine the rope and the bag of sand in your inventory, the bag will NOT be there when you hang up the rope (and you don't have a second bag, so you're boned).

I feel like this series deserves more credit than it gets, so it'd be a real shame for some of the people that DO give it a chance to get their experience wrecked by such a stupid bug.

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A trailer I saw showed what looked like an enemy encyclopedia during the part that said "new features." I don't know what else they might have added. I'm also curious to see what they've changed/added, particularly if they've made the game any more accessible.

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WWE should have more Dynasty Warriors voice acting in it.

"Do not pursue Roman Reigns!"

You know what, I'd actually be way into that...

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So who's considered the best mentor. I just maxed out Vegeta and trying to figure out who to sign up with next

I just finished freeza a few days ago the equip he gives you when you finish, is excellent imo.

I was hoping this would get a quick look. Finally a good dbz game comes out after the last flopped 3 and allot of the big sites don't review it :/

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I think it might be interesting to see a different kind of spirit-breaking difficulty. Maybe a game like King's Quest V, that has SEVERAL instances of "Of the 3 equally logical ways that work to solve this puzzle, 2 of which render the game unbeatable an hour or so from now. Good luck, motherfucker."

Examples include:

There are several items you can get for free by doing favors or by simply buying them. There is one item that you can only get by paying for it. You only have enough money to buy one thing, so if you pay for the wrong one, you're boned.

A point where you need to eat something or your character starves to death. You have (at least) 3 food items that you can eat. Two of them are needed for puzzles later on, so if you eat one of those now, you're boned.

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I have a keyboard with Cherry Blues at my office, which I enjoy using. But I made sure to ask the people sitting near me if it would bother them, beforehand (and then again after it showed up and they heard the actual clicks). Luckily, my co-workers are bothered by external noise a lot less than I am, because I don't think I would be able to stand this clickity-clack nonsense if someone else was using this thing.