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I didn't watch last night's Raw, but I feel like this screenshot alone justifies the whole Grumpy Cat host thing. Screenshot from the set posted by @jpeeples83

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As someone who only relatively recently got into watching wrestling (and is quickly losing interest, get your shit together WWE), I feel like the biggest key to enjoying a match beyond simple appreciation of technical ability is finding a character to like (or hate). Going back to watch older PPVs for the Powerbombcast "homework", it struck me how little impact the twists, turns, and reveals of major characters had on me without context or knowledge of backstories. Some of what were supposed to be huge moments were just "oh look, it's that Sting guy, I guess" or "so why is that Duggan guy carrying around a big wooden board?"

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It blew my mind to see people recommending Cyber City Oedo, as I thought I'd seen it and hated it. It turns out what I'd watched was just 1 of the tapes from the middle of the OVA that I'd picked up at an anime convention bargain bin, and assumed it was an incoherent mess. Then again, I suppose any show would be relatively hard to follow if you only watched an episode from the middle of the series.

One thing to note about Lupin III is that there have been like 4 different shows over the years. I don't know how different they are from each other, though. It could be that the '71-'72 series leads directly into the '77-'80 series which then lead into the '84-'85 and 2012 shows, or they could be as varied as The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. What I've seen of the show was certainly enjoyable, but I don't know which run those episodes were from.

Baoh: The Visitor is a really fucking stupid movie (single episode OVA, technically), but I kind of love it. I figure a lot of that is nostalgia, but there might still be something compelling about it. It is SUPER violent though.

Everything I said about Baoh also applies to the Devilman OVA episodes, The Birth and The Demon Bird, although it also has a ton of nudity on top of all its hyper-violence.

I was about to talk shit about M.D. Geist, but I won't out of respect for @giantstalker. I know for a fact that Devilman and Baoh are worthy of just as much trash talk and I still love them. Besides, the M.D. stands for "Most Dangerous", which is rad in my book.

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Haven't they already announced that this version is missing a lot of features?

And by "missing a lot of features" I mean you only have 25 slots for create-a-wrestler characters and you can no longer create your own

  • Divas
  • Arenas
  • Championships
  • Storylines(!!!)

That's not to say the pre-made content won't be good, just that there are a LOT less options for creating custom content.

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It's good to hear that at least something is going well for Sega. From the looks of things, that new Sonic game is all KINDS of fucked up, so they could probably use a win or two right about now.

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I don't know if this counts, but every once in a while I'll wipe my saves on the Picross e games and do the puzzles over again. It's not like I really remember "oh yeah, this one is a picture of a dog".

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SimAnt. I want to see modern hardware utilized for better AI and bigger colonies. I want Leiningen Vs The Ants style sieges.

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I think it would be cool to have a game play around with aspect ratios a la The Grand Budapest Hotel. You could have the screen get smaller when the player is supposed to feel claustrophobic, or widen to fill the screen when you reach a safe room, for example. I always like it when games play around with interface stuff.

That would also be cool.

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Apparently owners of Hack and Slash are being given Spacebase and vice versa as thanks/an apology from Double Fine.

apology for what?

Not 100% sure myself, as I own neither, but Double Fine came under a lot of flak recently for suddenly rushing Spacebase out of Early Access, skipping a lot of advertised features that were due to come with development (apparently). This seems to be a goodwill gesture from them.

That's pretty much my understanding of the situation. Since there were still items on the "planned features" list that hadn't been implemented yet, some people criticized DF for releasing an "incomplete" or "unfinished" game. Which is weird, because as far as I know, MOST games get released without SOMETHING getting cut due to time/budget, the only difference here being the fact that DF made their list for Spacebase public.

*Edit: As to the original topic question, I don't know if I've gotten any Steam games from any companies, but I did get a key for Don't Starve from a generous duder (or lady duder) on Giant Bomb back when the game was in early beta.