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I have a keyboard with Cherry Blues at my office, which I enjoy using. But I made sure to ask the people sitting near me if it would bother them, beforehand (and then again after it showed up and they heard the actual clicks). Luckily, my co-workers are bothered by external noise a lot less than I am, because I don't think I would be able to stand this clickity-clack nonsense if someone else was using this thing.

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I would have said "point and click adventures" but The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 just came out and Toonstruck was recently re-released on, so I've got some solid pointing and clicking ahead of me for now.

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Patr- aw, man...

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I'm so, so sorry to hear that.

But since you're already here... welcome back.

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It might be a limited time thing, but the spicy chicken crunchwrap slider is surprisingly good.

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I've only ever played against the computer (and even then I haven't played in like 2-3 years), but I might be interested in giving it a shot.

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Having played it back in the day and replayed it recently, the movement speed is something that takes a little getting used to. And eventually, you do get used to it. I'm not defending the movement as a "brilliant design decision that you simply don't UNDERSTAND yet," but at least the enemies and environments are usually tailored accordingly to Alucard's speed.

And similar to what @mosespippy said, you do get some movement upgrades and abilities that smooth things out a fair bit, most notably the ability to double jump later on in the game. Just keep at it, it's worth it!

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I mean, welcome aboard!

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This video is kinda painful to watch - The new lead dev on the left whenever PM opens his mouth especially.

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I actually bought Godus when it was suspiciously 60% off pretty early on in its life. It's a bad game.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, hello Peter!

Is... is that motherfucker on the left vapingduring their "sorry, we fucked up" video?!

He's not really part of the "sorry, we fucked up" part. He came on later and is trying to fix it, but basically has an impossible task. If he wants to vape, more power to him. Dude should probably hit the bottle and call Molyneux out on camera. Now THAT I'd pay cash money for.

Ah, I guess that's what I get for scrubbing through the video with no sound at work.

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I'm pretty sure you meant "Danxiety"