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I could be (and most likely am) just grasping at straws with this, but I was getting a major Persona 4 vibe from the last 1/4 or so of that book. I first noticed it when Beth and Norman were convinced that the other person's dark unconscious mind was creating all the crazy sea life and crew members and everything. There are a few points where the conversation mirrors Persona 4's "That's not me" scenes.

By the end, I was thinking of Norman, Beth, and Harry as the founding members of P4's Investigation Team. The giant squid that kept attacking the facility may as well have been named Jiraiya.

I even made a stupid Photoshop picture illustrating my theory, because I guess I have too much free time.

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I just came across what I'm assuming is one of the big scenes. Was Ken confronting Shinjiro (specifically what happens at the end of that scene) one of the big things?

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It truly warms my heart to see this much love for Ghost Master.

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Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks!

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I played a few of the challenges early on, before unlocking too much in the story mode, and the challenge was "complete" when I beat Mom. I played another challenge later on, after unlocking a few more things, and the challenge wasn't finished until I beat Mom's Heart.

If I keep unlocking further bosses in the main mode, will challenge mode keep getting harder? Will I need to start beating It Lives or Satan with nothing but farts and poo bombs if I wait too long to complete the challenges? Or do different challenges simply have different objectives, and they happened to line up with my progress coincidentally?

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King of Beasts' battlecry sounds awfully vague. "Gain +1 attack for each other beast you have."

What does "each other beast you have" mean? I'm assuming it means each other beast that is in play on your side, but it could also be interpreted to include any beasts you have in your hand, too. Hell, what if it means "+1 attack for each other beast you have in your deck"?

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Even though Supergreatfriend has already done it perfectly (Bully Demise 4 lyfe), I would love to see an ongoing feature where Alex and Vinny try to wrap their minds around the brilliant, awful Wrestling Revolution.

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@make_me_mad said:

I'd say keep doing what you're doing, because the other route has the nightmare scenario of you losing the characters you actually like and having to finish the game with a team full of uninteresting clods.

That's a very good point. I think you're probably right, I'll just keep on going with Casual. Thanks!

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I'm still fairly early on in the game, playing on casual mode, and I'm unsure of whether I should restart in normal. I picked casual because I'm worried about getting stuck later on with too few characters to make any progress. Then it struck me that losing characters left and right early on was probably accounted for by giving you a bunch of extra characters to replace them as the game goes on.

That being said, if I stay on casual mode and subsequently never lose any characters, will I be drowning in party members by the end? Sifting through the inventories of 8 or 9 party members and sitting through all their inter-party conversations has been manageable, but doing so with 40 or 50 characters sounds like a nightmare.

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I have the exact opposite problem. URL uploads work fine (the two or three times I've ever tried them within the past few months), but uploading from my computer gives an "Internal Service Error"

Computers are weird.