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I have the exact opposite problem. URL uploads work fine (the two or three times I've ever tried them within the past few months), but uploading from my computer gives an "Internal Service Error"

Computers are weird.

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Rhyming homonyms rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but I'll get over it.

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You should just finish Persona 3 because the ending is worth seeing.

That actually reminds me of one other question I had. Is P3 similar to P4 in the sense that you could (I'm assuming) get a "wrong" or otherwise incomplete ending?

I will probably hold off until I finish 3 like you all have been suggesting, but it goes so slowly. I only get a day or two of game time done in a sitting. Not because the game itself is poorly paced, but because I get all stressed out about the limited time/days thing and keep reloading if anyone gets knocked out in the dungeon, which happens more often than I'd like to admit. I don't know if I'm way underleveled, but my characters all feel really fragile (and now there are enemies that can cast stuff like mamudo and hamaon).

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Alright, thanks for all the help, everyone!

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@cloudymusic: I assume I shouldn't click on that spoiler block, right?

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I think the Polygon review said that both the P3 and P4 parties are midway through the events of their respective games when this time travel stuff happens in PQ. That would explain certain character choices, like why P4A characters and Marie aren't in it.

As long as the game takes place before whatever "HUGE thing" that @wemibelec90 mentioned happens, then I should be fine.

Out of curiosity, roughly how far into the game does that huge thing in P3 happen? I don't want to know anything about what it is that happens, just a ballpark estimate of whether it's in the middle of the game, mid-late, or right at the very end. I ask because if it's somewhere in the middle, I might not be too far from just seeing it myself.

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The WWE seems to be approaching Nintendo levels of "if you guys don't COMPLETELY knock this one out of the park, they're fini- oh, alright I guess you bought yourselves a little more time."

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I remember hearing that the Persona Arena/Ultimax story modes take place after the events of 3 and 4, and subsequently address major plot twists/turns from the two games. I've watched the P4 endurance run in its entirety, but am still working my way through P3 (I'm in like September, I think).

Should I hold off on playing Q until I finish P3? I was hoping to pick it up to play on the road for Thanksgiving, but not if it'll ruin anything major in P3.

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The last few times I've tried to upload pictures with the "My desktop" option, I've gotten the message "Error uploading images: Internal Server Error". This happens in both forum posts and comments.

I originally tried uploading this image from my computer directly into this post, but it gave me the error again. I was able to upload the image file to imgur and then use the "upload from URL" option.

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Jeff's not a trending gamer. He's the trending gamEST!!