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@teddie It's like a tiny Heavy Weapons Guy. A Light Weapons Guy, I suppose.

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@kovie said:

[...] and if I just don't care or actively disapprove of the game, then I'm just savestating wherever out of spite.

In cases where you dislike the game, why are you playing it in the first place?

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I hope the career mode is robust enough for me to live out even a fraction of the adventures of Bully Demise.

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@karkarov said:

Uh hm. Apparently my PC hates it cause all that ever happens for me is the loading bar fills then I just get the logo with a blank red box and nothing happens. I clicked over 100 times just to be sure there wasn't some moronic click barrier but nope, nothing happened.

When the loading bar fills up, it should disappear and get replaced by a green PLAY button. I wonder if maybe it's an issue with Flash being out of date?

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I don't know about my favorite, but Atom Zombie Smasher is a fun little strategy game that (I imagine) got overlooked by a lot of people.

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My rasslin' monikers are Ubiquitous Prometheus and Wicked Latina.

I'm okay with this.

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@rorie: You're a pretty cray-cray.

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Shinra? Avalanche?! This can only mean one thing!

Square Enix is finally working on Half-Life 3!

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I really like the observation that I saw someone make that "the biggest thing we've learned from the Mizdow arc is that Damien Sandow has terrific peripheral vision."

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What I've done with the bundles I've purchased was take the "average to beat" price that gets me all of the games and then round it up a few bucks to the nearest 5. I'm pretty sure it's always ended up being $10, maybe $15 for one of them.