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@white: I'm not sure what the ambiguity is with Wrath. You choose to deal either 3 damage to a minion of your choice, or 1 damage to a minion of your choice and draw a card.

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@white: A random one presumably.

I thought so. That makes it really unreliable. At least it'll make a good rush card. GJ on giving more options to aggro, Blizz. It's as if aggro doesn't have enough options.

As much as I do enjoy Hearthstone, the lack of concrete wording irks me really badly. Other card games can do it, why can't Blizzard? Seriously...

I HIGHLY doubt it would be a random one (or if it is, they'll change the text). I actually think they're very consistent when it comes to wording. If the effect hits random characters/minions, the card says so (see Arcane Missiles, Ragnaros, Tinkmaster Overspark, etc). If something can only hit creatures, the card uses the word "minion." If it can hit a creature or a player, the card says "character." And unless I'm mistaken, EVERY time a card affects a single target but doesn't specify which one, it means the player gets to choose what the target is.

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So I've just started the PC version and promised myself that I wouldn't go straight to a wiki like I did with the original. That's both exciting and bloody scary because I have no freaking idea what I'm doing. I feel like I'll screw up every turn. Already used an item on that birds nest because that weird voice wanted something smooth, it did nothing. But I do have a quick question:

How do the torches work? I had one and used one but I think it must have ran out, do you find them out in the world.

You do find more torches, sometimes several at a time. Each torch you pick up adds 5(?) minutes to your torch time (visible on the equip menu). When you light a torch, the timer counts down until it reaches zero or you do something to put out the flame (such as swapping to a weapon or shield in your left hand or rolling around in water). When the torch is out, you can light it again at a bonfire or any of the sconces that you've lit previously.

As for what the torches/sconces DO, I don't know. Maybe they have some benefit other than making the area a little bit brighter, but if they do, I haven't found it.

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I absolutely adore the fact that Marvel/the WWE either was too cheap to get Sandow a proper costume or (more likely) figured it would just be funnier to send him out in Magneto pajamas.

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As for a tip... ummm. It blew my mind when someone told me that grave/tomb thing at the tutorial area with the 2 hippo monsters changes your gender. Before I knew that I took my armor off at one point and had boobs and was perplexed since I had chosen to be male.

THAT'S what that does? I climbed into that thing like 5 hours of game time ago and still hadn't noticed any difference. My character looked the same under all that armor. I guess that's a testament to both my terrible attention to detail and From Software's admirable dedication to sensible, practical unisex armor designs (compared to chainmail bikinis and breastplates with cleavage windows). I'll need to head back to return VBomb to her original self as VBombshell.

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A ticket to the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. If he can look at the crazy shit in that horrible* place without freaking out, he may just be doctor material.

* = I know the museum is a historically and scientifically important resource, but I wouldn't last 5 minutes in that house of nightmares.

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That enemy sitting under the tree in that area is holding something for you...

Oh, you're supposed to fight him? I just assumed he was some kind of NPC that would become important later on.

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At one point you might want to experiment with Fashion-Soulsing.

Does DS2 have anything anywhere CLOSE to being as fashionable as the sick-ass Catarina Set?

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I use the lightning sword I found at the first heavy knight-guy sitting by a tree sulking or something. Heilde Sword?

At the top of the ladder in The Forest of Giants? The room where there's like 3 or 4 dudes wandering around and an archer up on a ledge, shooting at you? I don't remember seeing any sword there. Maybe I just missed it (or maybe you are thinking of some other place)?