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So Dan has never had tea in his life.

Should have just hired a toddler.

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My main issue with Watch Dogs is how it tries to be Bridge-era William Gibson but completely fails to commit and let go of the focus-tested generic action tropes.

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Well I can't wait for this to blow over.

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Worth the watit.

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This ought to be good.

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The Langzone is real. Fear it.

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@sergio said:

@fauxben said:
@sergio said:

@video_game_king said:

These tweets:

  • Chris Hecker
  • Vice Games
  • Aevee Bee

confuse the shit out of me. I can't even parse meaning.

(I would've quoted them if I, you know, could.)

Aevee Bee's is basically talking about the trope where a loved one, usually girlfriend or wife, is murdered. It's basically used as motivation for the male protagonist to advance the story. The tweet basically fills Patrick's feminism quota for worth reading.

"Quota"? Do you really think Patrick sits down and goes "Oh shit, I need to find a feminist article/tweet to staple to this before I can post it"? It's pretty disheartening to see people here assuming that Patrick is trying to fill some kind of quota instead of, you know, actually giving a general crap about this kind of thing and exposing himself to writing/people who discuss it frequently as a result.

It's a joke. Calm down.

This exchange tells me a lot about the proponents of "politically charged video game journalism".

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Very good talk, almost like a live Jar Time

Nailed it.

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I for one welcome our New New York Overlords.

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I just can't help but revel in the hype, though I've gotten better at keeping it in perspective. I really love the wind-up to the releases that appeal to me, and even if they disappoint, I've already spent too much energy on them not to dissect why they didn't work for me, which I still find very valuable. This helps me articulate my taste to myself better and better throughout the years.