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I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said, but I figured I would pay my respects here. Although I'm sure I had read their reviews in the past, I hadn't actually followed Ryan or Jeff or any of the guys until shortly after they started Giant Bomb. I believe someone linked the site in a Something Awful thread and I immediately found them way more funny, genuine, and intelligent than any other personalities in the video games industry. I told my friends about the site and GB has became a staple of our conversations for the last few years. It goes without saying that Ryan is the cornerstone of the content that we know and love. I'm sure the GB guys will push forward and this will still be the best gaming site out there, but it will be difficult to adjust at first and it just won't be the same without him.

If there's any small measure of comfort we can take, it's that he went out at what was likely an absolute high point in his life. Just married, on his honeymoon, partying his ass off--I think if you could choose any time to go, that would be one of the best. It doesn't make this any less tragic, but at least we know he got to have those experiences.

My thoughts are with Anna, the GB crew, and all of his family and friends. I can only imagine what a blow this must be. Losing someone close to you never actually feels "real"--I lost my father five years ago and I think it still hasn't sunk in. But in time, the sadness is replaced by the good memories, and you'll just be thankful that you had a chance to know him. Take care, guys.

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I'll definitely be watching. Hope the whole thing gets put up for viewing later.

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Damn, 8am over there is 5am over there. I'd like to be there for the beginning, but I'm not that hardcore. I'll definitely be watching though. Hope the whole thing gets put up for viewing later.

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Brick and mortar stores still do great business. If you have any doubt, go to a Gamestop on a Saturday.

This thread should be called "tell stories about buying video games that show what an entitled manchild you are."

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This is getting off topic, but Creationism is less scientifically valid than AGW because AGW has a large base of peer reviewed evidence backing it, while "GOD DID IT" is not a scientifically provable stance. If you want to take it on faith that some great spiritual being made everything, then go ahead, but you can't insert it into schools just because you don't like what evolution has to say. Inserting God in between every shrinking gap in evolutionary knowledge is no more a valid scientific method than inserting a wizard there instead. "This ape became this ape because MERLIN SUMMONED HELLFIRE FROM THE FONT OF KRADOOM!" has just as much scientific validity as "We don't know the small step between X animal and Y animal, so God in heaven made them exist through sheer force of will." Both are unprovable and there's zero empirical evidence for them, and unless God himself appears on Earth and holds a press conference, there always will be. Keep it in the church, and keep it out of science classes.

Actually, AGW is proving, time and time again, to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors that has money behind it. The models are universally terrible, the assumptions are proven wrong regularly, their predictions are amazingly inaccurate repeatedly, and they've had to skew the data to avoid reality. Heck, global warming should eventually explain why the Earth isn't, you know, actually warming. The change in temperature has been statistically insignificant for a while now. The SUN is what generates warming. Man is basically immaterial.

AGW has zero empirical evidence behind it. It's still taught in school. If we're going to teach one faith (man-made global warming), then it's hard to argue that we shouldn't teach another faith (creationism/ID).

Note: I refer to both as faiths because they are. I don't like the idea of ANY quasi-religious faith being taught as science.

Even if global warming is backed by flawed research (which I seriously doubt, although I don't follow it so I couldn't say for sure), it's still a totally false equivocation to compare global warming to creationism in terms of validity. There is controversy surrounding global warming but at least it can be empirically proven to be true or false. It's based on actual, measurable phenomena. Creationism is not; it's based on faith, which is — by definition — a belief in the unknowable. Faith has no place in scientific discussion and no place in classrooms.

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Did anyone ask for this bill? 
I don't see gamers asking for it, I can't see how developers would want this either as it would effectively kill "word of mouth" advertising of their games.***    
What the fuck happend to "fair use"?!?  *** games are not like movies, games have to be actively played to get the full experience; if watching it on Youtube is the full experience, then you might want to re-consider how you are making games.
TV companies asked for it. They have money to lobby politicians to draft legislation like this. Therefore, it exists.
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Well hopefully this doesn't pass, or I guess I could get sued for posting video reviews of games on Youtube with links back to my monetized blog. Fucking stupid.

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" People seriously think this show has good dialogue and character development? "
There really hasn't been any character development yet since the show has barely started establishing their backstories. But yes, I think the dialogue is well-written and realistic. Coming from a literary background, I've often been disappointed by unrealistic dialogue in movies and TV, but I think the writing in TWD is quite believable. I thought the scene where Shane and Rick talk about women in their police cruiser was impressive right off the bat, and the actors' performances have been pretty natural.
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I like the show. I think the characters are fairly realistic - yes, even Merle and his brother. I can see how some people would view them as an awkward attempt at some heavy-handed satire, but being from the deep South, I can say that those guys are believable characters. Rick (main character) seems a bit shallow and too Jesus-like for my tastes, being mostly an engine to move the plot and establish the setting, but episode 3 suggested that there were some issues with his marriage before his coma - as he and Lori were laying down to sleep, he said something about having a second chance. Maybe that situation will uncover more about his personality. I'm pleased with the acting and dialogue as well. I'd like to go back and compare the dialogue in the show with the dialogue in the comic; I only read the first issue in anticipation of the show but the writing seemed pretty pedestrian and I didn't bother to go any further.

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I think it looks great on a girl who has the right body for it. No complaints here.