This week in gaming...

I've been doing a crap ton of gaming.  Probably more than I ever have before.  I'm picking up new games weekly (it seems) and only moving some of them to the beaten pile.  I thought maybe doing a bit of blogging would help me sort out some of the mess that is the shelf above my TV. 
Random thoughts: 
 -Just started Transformers: War for Cybertron tonight.  Played the first chapter of the Autobot campaign.  I like it.  The controls are good and transforming feels natural.  I wish you didn't have to search for ammo so often, but it's still a solid game. 
-Played through Trauma Team this weekend.  Sleeper candidate for Wii game of the year.  I realize it'll eventually fall short to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which I beat last month), but it should still be in the conversation. 
-After almost throwing my controller against the wall playing Red Steel 2 (which I finally beat on Friday), then feeling very frustrated right before I wanted to go to sleep, I decided a relaxing game would be beneficial.  So I picked up Endless Ocean: Blue World.  I really like it, though there isn't much gameplay so far. 
-Other games on the shelf I started but need to finish: Alan Wake, Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, Alpha Protocol. 
-Other games on the shelf I haven't started: Nier. 
-Want to get soon: Singularity, Dragon Quest IX, King's Quest Fan Sequel.
-Recent game of the year contenders (IMO): Red Dead Redemption (beat single player 100%, tried multiplayer) and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (beat main story missions and a few extra ops).  
-It's a good thing there isn't much on TV this time of year!

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