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@splodge: I can't tell if you are serious or not. The site defaulted to black when you signed up I believe. The cache of the site on the day you signed up 4/27/2010. Everyone knows the real chat happened on the GB bbs.

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@l4wd0g: I thought the whole point was that women where the background decorations. I agree that the dead body gender doesn't matter, but the fact that it was strip club with female strippers. At least I think, correct me if I'm wrong I've have never played the Hitman games.

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I was looking in theses forums too, since it is limited to 10 and I don't really have a lot friends playing. I'm just in for the points too, I also need to do the 10 random heroes. Let me know if you make one, Id join. If not Ill just make one myself, I don't think the other people are required.

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Hey I just got a PC key this morning, and I already have the PC beta from yesterdays xbox one, origin key mix up that happened. So here is a PC key let me know if worked.


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I was one of the people that got a Xbox one code instead PC. Be warned I had to send in this code to get origin to flag my account for the PC, so I don't if it actually works for the xbox. But if you want to give a try here you go. Let me know if it worked.


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@christoffer: Yea I've been noticing that all sound vaguely erotic too. Ice cream Lick Diaries was my favorite.

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This sounds incredibly interesting. Hey if you want to play with someone that also rather inexperienced pm me. I would love to know how communicating with a team affects the data.

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I don't know what they are but everyone on the guild server is getting one.

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@gaftra: I got mine from walmart on tuesday. I just checked the and searched my zipcode. I got the last one they had on the shelves. I think they might have had more in the back since that stuff usually ships on monday for tuesday stocking.