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I was looking in theses forums too, since it is limited to 10 and I don't really have a lot friends playing. I'm just in for the points too, I also need to do the 10 random heroes. Let me know if you make one, Id join. If not Ill just make one myself, I don't think the other people are required.

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Hey I just got a PC key this morning, and I already have the PC beta from yesterdays xbox one, origin key mix up that happened. So here is a PC key let me know if worked.


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I was one of the people that got a Xbox one code instead PC. Be warned I had to send in this code to get origin to flag my account for the PC, so I don't if it actually works for the xbox. But if you want to give a try here you go. Let me know if it worked.


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@christoffer: Yea I've been noticing that all sound vaguely erotic too. Ice cream Lick Diaries was my favorite.

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This sounds incredibly interesting. Hey if you want to play with someone that also rather inexperienced pm me. I would love to know how communicating with a team affects the data.

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I don't know what they are but everyone on the guild server is getting one.

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@gaftra: I got mine from walmart on tuesday. I just checked the and searched my zipcode. I got the last one they had on the shelves. I think they might have had more in the back since that stuff usually ships on monday for tuesday stocking.

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Yea I came here to check if anyone knew anything since maintenance happened. I'm still waiting to buy it. I'm just worried that the servers are gonna get crushed again when they reopen sales.

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@bbalpert: in the drop down highlight the one you want to remove and shift + delete