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Cassie Cage - The wit of her father, the looks of her mother. Add in that she can kick ass as well as either of them, and that's why she's my favorite newcomer.

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I'm canceling my pre order after seeing the game beaten in 5 hours and that's with unskippable cutscenes $60 for a 5 hour story based game is unacceptable.

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If Jeff reviews it I predict a 3 out of 5 and use of the phrase somewhere just because he can. if Brad reviews it I predict a 4 out of 5 and he will NOT use it.

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I could really use a code if someone has one PM me thanks!

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As a handicapped person who has to go through all sorts of red tape BS just to get something as simple as a new wheelchair I SORT OF understand the government loves making big issues out of small things.

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Why weather a storm when being engulfed is inevitable? No surrender but no survival.

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2 extra PS4 codes have at em (NA)




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It's why I un-subbed the only thing I feel like I've missed out on was the VinnyVania content, having said that I'll gladly re-sub when content levels pick back up.

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PS4, enjoyed the Alpha. Already pre-ordered and paid off.