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It's why I un-subbed the only thing I feel like I've missed out on was the VinnyVania content, having said that I'll gladly re-sub when content levels pick back up.

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PS4, enjoyed the Alpha. Already pre-ordered and paid off.

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I don't care if that is Canada where prices are typically higher, asking that much for last gen shovelware is insane.

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This is very touching Patrick, I miss Ryan too, I'm sorry about your dad.

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Hard to believe it's been a year, cheers to Ryan, miss you duder.

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While I agree it's something they need to address I personally want external HDD support first.

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Bummer for you.

I'll be over here in the "Constantly Excited About Video Games Association" if you want to join one day.

(We are very early in the generation, very. Give it some time.)


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Happy Birthday Ryan miss you duder.

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@darkvare said:

this might be a long shot considering i don't even have the game on pc but there might be a small chance that there is an option to not play cutscenes and that the pc version has it turned on. is all i can help you with sorry

I've looked, there is no such setting, thanks for trying though.