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I had practically no interest in it prior to what was shown on TNT this last week. After that, I'm even less interested.

Not everything appeals to everyone; I'll be one of the first to say that, but as of right now I have no idea who that thing is supposed to appeal to.

People whose gaming budget is precisely $99? Incredibly rich people that mindlessly back anything and everything on KickStarter? People that want to fill the gap between NUON and Pippin in their library of failed game consoles?

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1. DmC

2. Tomb Raider

I really ought to get both of those games. They both seem really intriguing.

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I thought we all agreed to just never talk about the Ouya ever again...

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BioShock Infinite with Zeno Clash 2 coming in second.

Also, you forgot Magrunner - I haven't finished it yet, but from what I've played, it's pretty great :D

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@mrpibb: Both of your comments appear under the notification icon. Also, I'm now at "1".

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@mrpibb: Hm, I got an email, but my counter is still at 0...

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Requesting quote and/or reply to check if this thing is actually working (furthermore, I need some attention \=)

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Puzzle Agent 2

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Geometry Wars and Ilomilo are both actually on PC now too. Shadow Complex, however ;___;


  • Crysis - So, people can look back at laugh at what we used to consider "good graphics".
  • Amnesia - I think it's important to terrify future generations...
  • World of Warcraft - Although, I suppose that would be very hard to showcase accurately.
  • BioShock Infinite - This is what people from 100 years ago, thought of people from 100 years prior.
  • Minecraft - Actually, swap this with Crysis; let's tell people that this was the best graphics we could possibly produce back then.

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Shadow Wars. It should be cheap now. Also, it's a fantastic turn-based tactics game =D