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I feel like I should just input 0451 into every video game safe I find >_> It's bound to work at least once in every SS2-inspired game...

Also, I feel crazy for having just straight out guessed 1963. I saw that year written in an article somewhere and I just tried it and it worked :| I didn't see it written on the wall anywhere though...

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- putting the Terrence/Oscar story together in the "molestation room"

Wait, what? Details?

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@raethen said:

No way. Christmas Duck is way OP, and Terry's super with the painting is almost useless. It definitely needs some balance work before it sees tournament play.

Steggy, on the other hand... :o

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I'm just going to leave this here:

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Stacking: The Lost Hobo King

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@forcen said:

I own Bioshock 2 on a disc, what does that mean for me I wonder? Can I buy Minerva's den after this? If i buy it before can i ever download it again after that?

It would be nice with a standalone Minerva's den on Steam.

Yep, I'm in the same situation =/

Minerva's Den is completely standalone, right?

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Yes, this is another year where games that people enjoy have been released...

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Also, while you're at it - Tyrian is free on Gog too, it's also a fantastic game.

Other than that, Super Crate Box.