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So, Gunpoint, yes.

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You can play with her pus...?

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FTL. Half Life 2: Episode Two.

That's it, partly because I can't really spend much money at the moment, and partly because there isn't much that I'm dying to have.

Me too.

Episode 2 is either the best or the worst of all three Half Life 2 games. Possibly even both at the same time.

I definitely thought it was far and away the best HL game.

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I just knew I had that feeling of being watched...

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Everyone is going to vote for SS2, right?

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KB&M was fine.

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I feel fitter already, knowing that I play sport on a daily basis...

I dunno... the way it seems these days sports is when you take a game and play in an organized fashion (as in, cups, leagues, championships, etc). I could go throw some hoops, but I wouldn't say I was playing sports. Football, hockey, chess, bowling, they are all just games. But we decide to call them sports when people stop just dicking around and become all serious about it.

ok, well, I'm digitally exercising?

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@jmatrix said:

Magrunner: Dark Pulse going for 14.99€ over here at the moment. Still maybe too much, but if it goes under 10, I could see myself picking it up.

Definitely worth picking up. But yeah, you may as well wait to see if it gets a deeper discount later on.