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I want another 2D game in a similar vein as Minish Cap (may as well just hire Capcom again). This time though, they should ditch the frustrating shit (i.e. no figurines, no kinstones, no cucco catching). Basically, what I want is awesome pixel art, lots of puzzle-filled dungeons, maybe even a compelling narrative...

@bisonhero: Also, Video_Game_King.

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Well, for the most part, it's not necessary. But it would be a real shame not to read as much as you can - there's some really interesting stuff in those logs.

Also, you'll know when to check them because they'll be making an obnoxious beeping noise. There's also a lot of hidden monitors.

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  • Broken Age - Great first episode, but I obviously can't help being a little disappointed that it's taken this long to get the full game.
  • Shadowgate (2014) - I liked this a fair bit, I ended up playing through it four times (each difficulty and a speedrun playthrough).
  • Wasteland 2 - My only Kickstarter regret, I played about 10 hours and I just couldn't play any more of it. It's broken, poorly designed, and just not very enjoyable. I've heard they've done a lot of patching, but it's too late for me to care.
  • Among the Sleep - A really enjoyable and atmospheric horror game with an interesting (and well-realised) premise.
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It's okay so far (I'm up to World 5). I think the interface and controls could be better. Basically, it feels a lot like Blocks that Matter, except not quite as good.

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Why wasn't this on Steam originally?

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If it's short and relatively easy, I'll try to see it through. If it seems like it's going to take a lot of time and/or effort to finish, I'll cut my losses and just stop.

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If I win, send the prize to

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I think I've been up to less wiki stuff than usual. I've also been encountering more errors than usual :|

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Generally, no. Although, there have been some games with extreme movement which have gotten me.