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LUFTRAUSERS. I rest my case.

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Don't forget SHOVEL KNIGHT, one of the best indie games in years. Still in the running for my personal GOTY.



Why are we yelling? :(

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Shit, that sucks :(

I can't really vouch for it, but there's a game called "Blindside". It's basically an audio-only adventure game.

Also, Hero Core springs to mind - it's just pure black and white, so there's a lot of contrast between the background and foreground. I can definitely vouch for that though - I played it a few years back and really loved it.

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Going by the reviews, nominees will be: Thief, Yoshi's New Island, Child of Light, Watch_Dogs, NHL 15, Destiny.

For me, it's OlliOlli - it's not bad, but maybe I shouldn't have expected 2D THPS.

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McDonalds. Why has no one said McDonalds yet? But only once in a while.

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Also, and this is just an aside, far, far too few users actually make use of the field to describe what edits were made when submitting a change to the wiki. It makes for terrible record keeping.

Yeah, I know, I'm guilty of that :( I've seen your wiki sub list - you do a great job of documenting everything you do :D

I'll try to write stuff more often - it just seems like a hassle more than anything though :|

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Unauthorized Game Assets: Games that use the assets of existing games without permission, including music, graphics, characters, designs, etc. User-generated content does not qualify games for this concept.

Copyright Infringement: Games that are confirmed cases of copyright infringement based on legal terms. (I believe Great Giana Sisters qualifies, as does Tear Ring Saga, which Nintendo sued over for copyright infringement and won on an appeal, in my understanding of the court case.)

You probably noticed this page because I just edited it. I added Banner Saga to the list; this is one of the Banners you can choose from:

It isn't an exact replica (the eye in the middle)

Was there any court case in relation to Giana Sisters? Also, I don't think it directly reused assets. Although, I do believe that there was a version of the original Giana Sisters that did replace the sisters with Mario and Luigi.

Anyway, Unauthorized Game Assets seems like a good name for a concept - it's very clear as to what it means. Whatever happens though, stuff relating to things that can be made via user-generated content shouldn't be acknowledged in the wiki. Technically the banner above was user created, but it was created by a backer and officially put into the game by the developers.

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I keep tossing up between 1 and 2 - 1 is the better horror game; the presentation of 2 was better. I think ultimately I'd have to go with 1 - I mean, I ended up playing through it three times. Actually, I think last time this topic came up, I settled for 2, oh well.

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@beachthunder: you're not the only sam and max fan :D. I am still waiting tho for the season 4.

I seriously doubt that would happen, Season 3 seemed to wrap things up. Also, Telltale are are off doing a million other things.

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@cirdain: Yep, white spaces have just started to appear under images (as of a couple of hours ago) :|

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The biggest franchise I've completed is Sam and Max (the wiki considers each episode a single entity)