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'Can it run Tetris?' is the new 'can it run Crysis?'

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Err...Master of Orion?

Edit: Okay, it seems like it's a text-based MMO.

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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. A fantastic game that's even fantasic-er...

Honestly, it's a pretty great year for games (as long as you forget about the major publishers).

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Both him and Vinny could pull of being a comedian. Maybe Dan too...

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Eh. I thought Zodiac's shtick got old around 2012, so I'd rather see some new faces.

What are you talking about, writing everything in capital letters is always funny, um, right?

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@ezekiel said:

@bigmess said:

I think the manual save system put off a lot of people but if you can handle that, play it.

It would have been much less scary without the save terminals. It's no longer that scary after you realize how many of them there are.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent's save and quit function worked pretty well - it didn't stop it from being scary.

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All the jump scares.

I preordered the game, but I've just given up on it - I just can't bother putting up with it anymore. Some parts can get extremely frustrating (even on the lowest difficulty). The final straw for me was dying while in the process of saving my game -_-

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Yep, Henk Niebork is an incredibly talented artist.

The same could be said about The Adventures of Lomax, another game with art by Henk Nieborg - I don't remember playing a lot of the game, but I didn't enjoy what I played of it...

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Forgotten entirely. But the staff have personal lists that they're still working on.

Poor Talos Principle, I've heard it's pretty good.

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The strangest thing of all is this thread.