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Added everyone in the thread up until this point.

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FC: 2449 - 4622 - 2994

Pokemon X

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Adding everyone.

Name: Beadoy

FC: 2449 - 4622 - 2994

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Since messaging in game and on the Wii U is pretty difficult, I made a public Steam group for Giant Bomb's Monster Hunter community. With this, it should be easier to communicate with people and organize rooms. Just hop in the group chat room if you're looking for people to play with or to pass time!

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If I may, I'd recommend everyone make their rooms in one of the Recruiting worlds. They're always sparsely populated and it seems like the go-to place to make private games.

I'll hop on as soon as I finish all my assignments today! My NID is Skirto.

Great Sword, Light Bowgun, HR4. I'm willing to help rank up anyone in the lower HRs!

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My guy is currently trapped on my 3DS until the transfer app goes up. Add me and I'll help in any way I can! My Wii U think should be "Skirto."

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In terms of the dialogue, does anyone know what happens when you S rank with another unit of the opposite gender after marrying them off? Is it even possible?

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To be honest, I'm not too wild about the Vita's thumb sticks. They've always felt a bit off to me in terms of precision control. Also after trying the gamepad controls on the PC version, I couldn't invoke the level of precision that I experienced from the mouse and keyboard controls.

If you're going to experience Hotline Miami for the first time, I'd highly recommend playing it on the PC with a keyboard and mouse rather than waiting on the Vita version.

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