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It finally started working!

I cleared the system cache right after booting up the console, started the game, pressed A to load into the multiplayer and it went straight into the race.

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I can't get past the first race, so I don't know :(

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Looking good!

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Sent my Request. Doc_Beaker

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Hell yeah I am!!

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Steam Inventory

PM or add me on Steam me for trades

EDIT: Finished my first summer badge. I have other duplicate cards for various games so feel free to keep checking my inventory.

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Bought Little Inferno in the flash sale and Scribblenauts Unlimited. Nothing from the daily today though.

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Trying to buy CS:GO but I guess I'm gonna have to wait a while.

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I keep thinking Ryan will appear on the next live stream, but when I remind myself that he won't, I tear up a bit.

I never had the privilege of meeting him, but the man was clearly an amazing human being.

Ryan, you will be missed.

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My interest was rising until they revealed the £429 price. It then plummeted.