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It's gone now luckily. I took a nap with earmuffs on, woke up without any ringing whatsoever. I guess that's my recommendation to anyone who experiences ear ringing issues!

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I've googled around and I don't think it's tinnitus. This is the first time this has happened in a very long time.

If it is though, I guess it isn't the worst thing in the world. It's not incredibly noticeable.

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My sister dragged me to the shooting range to help test her new gun. I wore the ear plugs, but still my left ear is ringing. Should I just let it fix itself naturally?

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I tried this level and did horribly, but then 1 faulted Inferno 3 right after. I'm just going to grind this level out. Seems like it would help a TON

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Normal and up



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I agree the editor is pretty amazing. I just wish I was good at using it!

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@SpawnMan said:

"Abandoned Highway" by The Spawn Man? *Shameless plug*

But I have to say, seeing people play and post times on your track is an awesome feeling. : )

I want to make a one just because of what you said. That would be pretty awesome

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I need some for a montage I'm going to make of NHL 12 clips. What are the best royalty free music sites?

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@Zella said:

Most mods install hitch free, there are a few though that need some extra tweaking, however that will be mentioned in the mod description.

alright, good to know. I'll get to installing these tonight, and hopefully get to diving into the game some.