Metal Gear Solid Replay: A Memory Jagged as PSOne Textures

I've been playing lot of the Metal Gear series lately (purchased the Collectors/Wanted the Package Edition). The whole process of catching up/remembering what the story is all about is pretty much a full time job in itself. Since ordering the PS3 MGS4 Bundle (no spindly 40GB for me thanks) a couple of months ago I have been polishing off the story of Solid Snake in its entirety. Man, the things I have forgotten. It has been 8 years since I polished PS1 Metal Gear Solid adventure; and, I will admit, I was just as entranced by the character development and story line playing through it presently as I was playing through it almost a decade ago. After the initial dash to the elevator I started to become so involved in the character of Snake again that I did not even notice the jagged textures and archaic control scheme (X is cancel?). Glad to get rid of that. The story I did pretty well at though. Finished in 10 hours and some ought minutes and got the lovey-dovey ending riding away on the snowmobile and chewing the seal fat. As for endings though, can anyone tell me: I know there are two endings and Meryl either dies or lives, but, before Snake leaves the Metal Gear Rex  area/shed he picks up a stealth suit (in the good Meryl ending). Then the Unlimited Ammo Bandanna is acquired by Snake but upon starting a new game (or in the Secret Items Acquired List) there is only listed the Bandanna. Is there no way to get both at one time/ending? Was this a limitation to capacity of the PSOne discs? Meh. Anyways. I have now begun on MGS2 Sons of Liberty. To make sense of the following question; I played MGS on my PS2 and am playing MGS2:Sons of Liberty on my PS3. I know the controls are different in MGS1 than in MGS 2 but playing it on the PS3 with the Dualshock3, the controls seem all wonky, unresponsive, and mapped incorrectly. Maybe it's me, but I usually know a square from a circle from a triangle from a Puppy. There's my problem; I'm pressing Puppy instead of square to fire. Seriously though. Is anyone else havin issues with PS2 games not performing (control-wise) as they should on the 80GB PS3's?Anyways, I'm not trying to make this into a bitch-fest, only a record of my games-a-playin' from now on. I will be steadfast in catching up on my MGS story though before I play MGS4. It is fun if only to see the jump in graphic quality from one console to the next. Plus, I can't afford Ninja Gaiden Sigma (to see how it compares to Ninka Gaiden/Black) since the EBGames in Canada doesn't seem to want to recognize the Greatest Hits Edition or the price drop and still want to charge $79.99 for it.
So yeah, I'll keep you posted on my Metal Gear Solid progress and any feedback (or expunding of cheap Ninja Gaiden Sigma copies) post it up.