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Bought the online DLC pack today. It's laggy as hell, hardlocked my 360 twice, and is nigh impossible to start a match. Thanks Ubisoft for making us wait two years for a broken online experience. I want my money back.

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Just wondering what rig you ride? Also, totally saw a dude running yesterday on my ride home that I thought was you in a really bad disguise. He had a large moustache but looked like you

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i want in! BeanzFury.

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Damn! And I maxed out my credit card to get enough points... Guess I'm good for the next Capcom fighting game though.

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After updating Borderlands 2 today, I went to download the compatibility pack in the DLC. The first screen comes up as it costing -1 MP. I thought, "Cool. I get a point back. Kinda neat". Trying to proceed brought me to the screen that said I do not have enough MP to purchase the pack because it costs 4,294,967,295 Microsoft Points! I realize this is an error, but has anyone else had this problem? Maybe it was a code included in the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition...

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I just bought Dance Central. I would be very appreciative of free songs!

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I hated Demon's Souls. It was a game I have not been used to playing in many years. That kind of game was 'challenging'. Not to say playing games like Gears of War or Halo etc on the highest difficulty were not challenging. They were. It's just that Demon's Souls did not give me a choice. I played for about 4 hours and gave up. I swore I wouldn't play again. Now listening to Bombcast and, TVGP, and Tiltcast... I've been suckered into giving Dark Souls a go. I think I'm ready now. Like being in a relationship; there's a time you feel like you're ready. I'm ready to sink the time into this; and although it may be frustrating and cruel at times, I feel I'm ready for a bit of the old school experimentation that I have not experienced for many years. Winter's coming. Bring it on Dark Souls... but be gentle on these old gaming bones.

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 Dead Space Stacking
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What about Turtle Beach? They make wireless headphones with wireless microphones as well? I'd take MadCatz over them any day, but am really enjoying my wired SteelSeries phones.

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I sold my DSLite and upgraded to a DSiXL (the SMB Edition one). I had not played my DSLite in about 9 months. The XL version actually is comfortable to play on due to the larger size. It makes me want to play my DS games again... (Metroid Prime: Hunters was painful t play on a DSLite Plus, the screen size is a great improvement in both size and quality. I am not sold on the 3DS yet, and I know they will come out with an XL version of that; so I won't be getting a 3DS for a year or two after it comes out. 
For me, the DSiXL was a great buy, and made me want to pick up my Nintendo portable again. Plus, we all know how many different versions and tiny upgrades Nintendo will make with the 3DS; so you'll have plenty of time to make the purchase worthwhile as you choose your new color.