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Feel like I've been waiting forever for this to come to Sony platforms, I'm very excited to finally play it.

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@development: Haha yeah, it's doubly funny that it's like the last game I would have expected his dad to kinda be into.

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Welcome aboard, fellas! I have quite enjoyed Dan's work in the past; he seems like a good fit for the site. And I'm sure Drew will appreciate some help on the video production side from Jason ;)

This video of Dan playing Tokyo Jungle with his dad is still one of my favorite things:

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I missed this game entirely until I saw it on the PlayStation Store today. The trailer looks great, reviews are encouraging. It's too bad it isn't PS3/PS4 cross-buy but I don't know if I can wait until I have a PS4 to see this.

Anyone know how it looks or performs on the PS3/360?

Yeah, I'm glad reviews started hitting, else I wouldn't have known it was out already!

I went through the same dilemma, as I'm thinking about getting a PS4 soon-ish, but I ended up buying the PS3 version today since I really want to play this. It's running on the Ubiart engine - like Rayman Legends and Child of Light - and both of those games run super smoothly on the PS3 for me, so it seemed like a safe bet.

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I'm actually surprised how decent this game is, considering it came out on the eShop to almost no fanfare. Any good reason to play my Wii U is okay in my book.

Also, is there no tutorial or did I totally miss that? I got stuck for the longest time on an early level until I realized that the maximum height of your jump is proportional to the amount of health that you have. It was kinda cool to piece that together myself (the constantly spawning enemies with health drops should have given it away), but it wasn't super obvious.

@def said:

@melodiousj: I like that the levels are (so far?) pretty compact so you can properly learn them and choose to save one cat at a time.

Yeah, I picked this up on Friday and quickly learned that there are no checkpoints in the levels. Getting 3 of the 4 cats and then getting yourself killed while trying to get the cat that you have to chase around the level is a bad idea.

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Nope. I love board games, but Monopoly has a mediocre design and I don't find it fun or interesting at all. I guess I've just seen the promised land of other, better games and I can't go back now.

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I've been doing lists on the site for this since 2012, if you care to look:

2012 (110 games)

2013 (90 games)

2014 (20 games)

It's been a much slower year for me with regards to finishing games, been kinda busy with work and other stuff in my life. And on top of that, Dark Souls 2 has kinda been a time sink for the last month or so (around 60 hrs in and I just got to Drangleic Castle, I WILL finish it though!).

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@csl316 said:

Now I'm bummed that my Atari and NES and Sega CD collections are gone. And most of my Genesis games.

Damn those childhood garage sales I had no say in :(

I feel your pain. My mom sold my Genesis and all my games in a garage sale back in the day without consulting me (as well as my complete collection of Goosebumps books, and a pretty good set of OG Transformers).

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I have 867 physical games at the moment (don't worry, I have spreadsheets because I'm a crazy OCD person!) and counting. What can I say, I like collecting and playing games, and I almost always get a physical copy of a game when I can. It'll be 868 when my copy of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime shows up from eBay in a day or two...

p.s. now I'm waiting for Jeff to show up and give me an intervention.

@evo said:

200 or so. I own a bunch of limited editions, the most prized probably being the deluxe edition of Demon's Souls. I paid like $200 for it, but it was totally worth it. I doubt there was many produced.

Huh, didn't realize that was so pricey at this point; I guess I shouldn't be surprised, that was back when no one knew what the hell that series really was all about, and it wasn't the juggernaut it is now (plus it was/is an exclusive on PS3). I just have my copy that I bought when the game came out; it's quite a nice little boxed set, and it think it originally sold for normal price ($60). I got a ton of use out of the little mini-guide that came with it.

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Why is every user on this website besides me an amazing artist? I bow to your talents.