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@bisonhero: Looks like you are getting your wish, seems to (finally) be a Quick Look lined up for Friday!

I'm actually in the middle of playing this game, just started Chapter 4 (I believe there are six chapters). I played Earthbound for the first time last summer and loved it, so this is definitely scratching that itch a bit.

I will say I agree with most of @addfwyn 's comments on the game, I would probably give the game 3 stars at this point. There's definitely a lot of JRPG styled combat, so if you aren't into that, you'll probably not have a good time. The positives keeping me playing the game are the weird storyline, characters, enemies, etc. and just general bizarreness, as well as trying out lots of different teams of characters. The array of party members you can get is pretty varied, and it's fun meeting them and trying to recruit them. As was said, I could definitely see how it would be possible to find a team you like and stick with it, but I think that would be less fun; you level up pretty quickly, so I found it easy to quickly grind out levels for newer, weaker characters to see if I liked them.

There are some characters with super useful skills like the Car Salesman (which lets you drive a car around the world map, and get around faster, as well as run over enemies so you don't have to fight them), the Pilot (who lets you fast travel), and the Mascot (which allows you to change the difficulty on the fly). I would recommend trying to recruit them ASAP.

I remember reading about technical issues with the game, but I'm playing the PS4 version, and after about 13 hours of game time, I haven't had a single crash or bug.

Anyways, those are some quick thoughts! I definitely think I'll end up finishing the game, especially knowing that it doesn't seem to be absurdly long (by RPG standards).

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I'm requesting an alias for Kick & Fennick. Adding an alias of "Kick and Fennick" would help searchability, as I was having a heck of a time finding it earlier today. The game is also named "Kick and Fennick" in its trophies, so I don't think it would be too off-base. Thanks!

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So here is the actual PDF detailing the acquisition but the long and short of it is that they were acquired by Nepro Japan a mobile developer. They were looking to expand their stable of developers and acquired Tri-Ace via a Cash Buyout of stocks.

Well...that sucks. Resonance of Fate was pretty baller and I guess we'll always have that. R.I.P

Thanks, hadn't heard this news, pretty disappointing. And I'm with you, Resonance of Fate was really great and unique, both in its storytelling and gameplay mechanics. I'll never forget the Christmas chapter of that game, good stuff.

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@n7 This seems to be an occasional problem on the PS4 when downloading a couple items at once. I had this happen with Road Not Taken and Spelunky back when I first got my PS4.

The solution seems to be:

  1. Delete both games
  2. Turn off the PS4
  3. Boot into Safe Mode (hold down the power button for 7+ seconds, releasing only after you've heard 2 distinct beeps)
  4. Choose 'Rebuild Database'
  5. Redownload the games, and you should be good.

Hopefully this helps!

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This is a neat article to start off the year, talking about some (hopefully) upcoming games.

Also, I think Jeff should write more articles, I always like when he does.

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Hmmm...I might check out Giana Sisters for $3.50.

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Goodbye civilization, it was nice knowing you.

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I've never played this, but it looked pretty fun on UPF, and I love the art style and general weirdness. Time to see what the heck this rhythm game is all about! As a bonus, I'll finally be able to put the box full of CDs in my closet to use!!!

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Amazon's come a long way, baby.

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Ah, this explains why the leaderboards for Crimsonland weren't loading up for me this morning. It's no fun playing survival mode if I can't post my score!