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Amazon's come a long way, baby.

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Ah, this explains why the leaderboards for Crimsonland weren't loading up for me this morning. It's no fun playing survival mode if I can't post my score!

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Exactly, I totally agree. How else are we supposed to categorize the relationship between Paige and AJ Lee?!?

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This is awesome, Brad! You're a good dude.

I gotta back 'UH x 5' as the battle cry, that just seems perfect.

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I wish I could find the article I read a few days ago, but yes, the PS3/Vita versions had to be knocked down a bit in graphical quality to get them to run (although it ends up still looking pretty good on the Vita due to the smaller screen). This comment I read from Curve Studios was in the context of them talking about the Wii U port that's on the way, saying that version would be essentially like the PS4 version rather than the PS3 version.

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I'm glad Dontnod is getting to work on another project, I was hoping they would. Remember Me isn't perfect, but I think it is underrated and has a lot of really cool aspects, including the unique world they crafted, good soundtrack, and interesting fighting system (mainly the build-a-combo thing).

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Oooooohh. I've always wondered about the blood type thing but never enough to actually figure out the answer. I just chalked it up to 'because Japan'.

Same here! I'm glad that was the one video I decided to watch at random, haha. (also helped that it was on the shorter side)

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Weirdly enough, Lumines comes to mind for me.

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Yeah, it's super crazy. I've never been this backlogged on content before, gonna chew through it this weekend, I think.

No complaints here! Yay for new hires + GBEAST!

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Well that's delightful and not at all shady!!!