GOTY 2012

Here we are again at the end of the year, duders!. Time to reflect upon all the awesome virtual experiences we had over the past 12 months.

Getting this list down to just 10 games was excruciating, since I apparently beat 110 games this year. Some of them are not from this year...but still, that's a lot!

Honorable mentions

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown: I played enough of this game to know that I really really enjoyed it, even in spite of never playing the original. I got past the first big alien base encounter, but then got distracted by the deluge of fall games, and never got back to it. I was tempted to put this on my list, but couldn't with a clean conscience since I hadn't played enough. But the fact that it almost got on my list (and how much everyone seems to be singing its praises, deservedly so) should tell you how much I enjoyed it.

  • Sleeping Dogs: I was surprised how much I enjoyed this! A pretty standard open-world action game, in terms of its design, but it had a very tight combat system and an engaging story. Borrows from a lot of other games, but it works!
  • Rhythm Heaven Fever: The second most amount of fun I had on my Wii this year (behind Xenoblade Chronicles)! Thank you, Nintendo, for putting out this ridiculous rhythm game. Great music, great style.
  • Asura's Wrath: Who would have a thought a game that was mainly QTEs and cutscenes would be so ridiculously awesome? A more intense revenge tale you will never see!
  • Witcher 2 (360): In the choice-based action RPG realm, Witcher 2 definitely beat out Mass Effect 3 for me this year.


  • Assassin's Creed 3: I never thought I would be saying this about an Assassin's Creed game, but I have not been having fun with this. I have almost no desire to play anymore of AC3. There's way too much of a lead-up/tutorial/intro - I shouldn't have to play 5-6 hours of your game before it opens up. The part with Haytham was interesting, but far too long for what they were trying to set up. The story missions are mostly boring, with a lot of repetitive stuff like eavesdropping. The bevy of side missions you could do were slightly more interesting, but all seemed pointless. The things that they contribute to your character progression or the world itself are either nonexistent or negligible. Seems like they had a lot of pieces, parts, and mechanics that they couldn't figure out how to make into a cohesive game. I've ran into a handful of glitches that have caused me to have to restart a mission or even quit all the way out to the main menu and re-load. Such a bummer.

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Nice nice with some games I would like to try like Gravity Rush and Zero Escape.