Shameless Extra Life Donation Begging

Alright you fine people. I'm participating in Extra Life this year. For those of you that don't know what that is, more information about the charity can be seen here. My goal is only $100 and I've already had a $20 donation which leaves me with $80 to go with a deadline of Oct. 15th which is only three days away. Donations can be as little as $1 so you've got no good reason not to give a little to help the kids of the Children's Miracle Network. I'm not able to do a 24 hour gaming marathon but I'm playing as much as I possibly can. I wish I could record it for you fine folks but, alas, I can't afford the hardware to do so. Maybe next year. TL:DR - Please give money to my Extra Life donation page.


Soul Grinding - Tips for fellow Dark Souls Newbies

So, I began playing Dark Souls yesterday after the UPS man finally decided to show up. I started out as a Wanderer and made my way to the first merchant and near-by fire. From there, I quit out and rolled a Pyromancer earlier today. So far, I'm liking the Pyromancer a bit more thanks to the inclusion of Fireball. I've been grinding souls at this location and so far have managed to get the full chain-mail set, a spear, short bow, and the repair box. Although I'm still very much new to the brutal world of Dark Souls, I thought I might offer some tips for fellow newcomers who might like a little info if they're thinking about getting the game and haven't played it yet.

Master Splinter would drop pellets...

1. Get a good shield. At the first merchant, you can purchase a Heater Shield. It blocks 100% of incoming physical damage. Alternatively, you can farm the spear soldiers in the Undead Burg which drop a shield that does the same. Keep your shield up at all times, especially if you're entering an unfamiliar area. It WILL save your life.

2. Get the Short Bow. Use it to pull enemies one at a time if you're able. On their own, it's much easier to survive if you're not surrounded by baddies. Aim for the head.

3. Live by the Spear. I realize that not everyone wants to play as a shield and spear character but doing so, especially early on, will greatly increase your survivability thanks to being able to attack while keeping your shield up.

4. Put points into Endurance. It determines how much equip weight you can carry without it effecting your movement and roll speed as well as increasing your stamina. Your stamina is what you'll be using to attack, block, and roll away. In other words, it is one of the most vital stats for ANY type of character build you're going to play.

5. This might sound obvious, but don't attack the merchants or NPCs. If you kill them they don't come back and you could miss out of buying important supplies, hearing story details, or learning something to make your journey easier.

6. Get the Repairbox from the Undead Merchant located just a little bit into the Undead Burg. It will let you repair your weapons and armor for a minor amount of souls anytime you rest at a fire. If your weapon breaks, it's gone for good so take care of your gear.

You can believe that it's every bit as deadly as it looks.

Also, since I now have my PS3, I have no friends. If you'd like to send me a friend invite, I'd be more than happy to play with you fine people anytime. You can see my PSN ID below.


A Proper Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Dallas and I'm new here on GiantBomb. A few things about me; I'm 34 years old, have been a gamer for 31 of those years, I am a recovering MMO addict, I have a taste for good micro-brewed beer and a good smoking pipe. I am in the process of quitting smoking, cigarettes, not my pipe since I don't inhale it, and it royally sucks. I am an off and on freelance writer and have had articles published by various websites around the web, mostly game reviews. You can expect this blog to be updated on a regular basis and for me to be an active member of your community, as much as my free-time allows. Now that all of that business is out of the way, let me get to what's going on with me lately.

I'm getting a new PS3 tomorrow and I'm strongly considering picking up Dark Souls. Now, I never played Demon Souls. Quite frankly, because hearing about how difficult it was put me off. I stayed on the edge of buying it several times but some unknown force of the gaming universe kept me from clicking that buy button. I find myself stepping up to that same edge again here with Dark Souls. After watching the quick look here on GB, I'm 99% sure I'm going to take the leap. The game looks like a great challenge but not unfairly so plus it just looks fun in a masochistic way that's hard to resist for some reason.

I picked up RAGE for the PC on the 4th, which also happens to be my birthday. I thought, happy birthday to me until I got home and began trying to play it. Until that point, I was fairly unaware of any trouble with the PC version. Now I know. I have spent most of my time with the game not playing it but installing the correct drivers and searching the various forums out there for solutions to my issues. My PC's hardware is not the issue either as my rig is more than capable of running RAGE very well. To say that I am most disappointed in these kinds of problems out of an id game is an understatement. Now, it sits on my shelf which is where it will stay. It's pissed me off to the point that I down-right refuse to play the PC version. I'm going to pick it up again when there's a price drop for the PS3 version.