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No to both.

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Original Half-Life because Valve was moving the CS servers from WON to Steam. Still have my 2003 account.

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@extomar: A macro would be having a single button input the combination for spells on Invoker. Another would be a single button that would automatically cycle through each Meepo casting net.

@noitwont Except the whole reason why you need to invoke spells in the first place is the reason why Invoker has a high skill ceiling. If you take away that aspect of the hero you're literally making it "easy mode" without learning how to play him.

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Steam store pages for TPP and GZ are up. No purchase option yet.



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It's a multi-platform game.

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If you're Shang Tsung does that mean you're also going to lose

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Of course you've never made a "real friend through gaming" when you don't play MP games.

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Looks like there are a lot of people here who do not understand the depth behind CS that's developed over the past 15 years. There are several mechanics that aren't displayed out in the open and requires both knowledge and practice to understand and execute.

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Drinking game with CS:GO (Needs at least a 4/5-man stack)

Drink whenever the following occurs:

  • Died
  • Bottom fragging at the end of a half
  • TK

Special occasions:

  • 3K (kills in a round) means you're exempt from drinking even if you die. Everybody else has to drink an extra time.
  • 4K means everybody drinks two extra times.
  • Ace/5K means everybody drinks two extra times, and you get to decide what everybody is buying for the next round.
  • Juan Deag means everybody (except the guy who Juan Deag'd) drinks an extra time.
  • Knife kills means everybody (except the guy who got the knife kill) drinks an extra time.