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I3randeno EST. always looking for more people for my friends list, loving this game so far cant get enough of it.

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Night of the Living Dead (1990), 3/5 Stars, cool atmosphere, good effects with the zombies and kills. The one thing i HATE in movies is when woman fucking scream, one scene has the group nailing things to windows while a zombie tries to get, its like a 5 minute scene and one of the girls is fucking screaming the whole time, i had to mute it until the scene stopped.

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American Werewolf in London, Silent Hill, Orphan, Brain Damage, Evil Dead, and Simpsons Tree house of horror 2 is what ive watched so far, gonna watch The Fly tonight, followed by Alien tomorrow and Aliens after that. My girlfriend and I have the same tradition, we call it Spooktober, this si deff the best time of year.

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Awesome, my girlfriend and I do the same thing except call it Spooktober, gonna start things off this year with Evil Dead remake, watched the 2nd and 3rd the past 2 nights to get ready.

This is my favorite time of year, starts getting nice and cold, trees start to turn for fall, thanksgiving ( in Canada,) and best of all, Halloween!.

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Watchdogs is probably the most recent.

Borderlands 1, and Dead Island where meh when I was expecting something better

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ID: I3randeno

East Coast

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Psn: I3randeno

Eastern, Canada

FIFA, Resogun, Battlefield 4

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The assassin fights where way to easy, I thought I would fight Deathstroke like 2 or 3 timesnot beat him in 10 minutes, The Electrocutioneer you dont even fight which was stupid as hell, Bane and Lady Shiva seem to be the only fights I enjoyed, I like the ninja and martial art enemies that they put in to spice the fighting up a bit.

The way Batmans suit and cape get fucked up by the end of the game is awesome though, always loved that about these games.

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gonna pick this up sometime this week, just got my xl so i would like to have some friends on it