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I3randeno19, East Coast

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I3randeno. Ps4

Got this over te weekend and fucking love it, it's the first game I've ever got my girlfriend to play with me but I'm looking for more people to play with for harder difficulty since she only likes to play on very easy.

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I3randeno EST. always looking for more people for my friends list, loving this game so far cant get enough of it.

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Night of the Living Dead (1990), 3/5 Stars, cool atmosphere, good effects with the zombies and kills. The one thing i HATE in movies is when woman fucking scream, one scene has the group nailing things to windows while a zombie tries to get, its like a 5 minute scene and one of the girls is fucking screaming the whole time, i had to mute it until the scene stopped.

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American Werewolf in London, Silent Hill, Orphan, Brain Damage, Evil Dead, and Simpsons Tree house of horror 2 is what ive watched so far, gonna watch The Fly tonight, followed by Alien tomorrow and Aliens after that. My girlfriend and I have the same tradition, we call it Spooktober, this si deff the best time of year.

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Awesome, my girlfriend and I do the same thing except call it Spooktober, gonna start things off this year with Evil Dead remake, watched the 2nd and 3rd the past 2 nights to get ready.

This is my favorite time of year, starts getting nice and cold, trees start to turn for fall, thanksgiving ( in Canada,) and best of all, Halloween!.

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Watchdogs is probably the most recent.

Borderlands 1, and Dead Island where meh when I was expecting something better

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ID: I3randeno

East Coast

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Psn: I3randeno

Eastern, Canada

FIFA, Resogun, Battlefield 4