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I'm not willing to excuse a game being busted because it's "ambitious". They ran an alpha and an open beta. They had plenty of time to make sure to iron out the kinks. The game has been out for almost three months. The game should run silky smooth by now. I didn't pay 60 dollars to be in an open beta, whether it's "ambitious" or not.

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@Mcfart: I agree that it's better than BC2' theory. But half of the time it just flat doesn't work. Sends me into servers no one's in, the game closes unexpectedly, etc. I'm finding it hard to believe you've never had these issues.

@MAGZine: the last match I played, me and a guy got into a tank. He got there first so he was driving. I turned around in the gun to see a helicopter filled to capacity with people landing at the point. I said, "yo tank turn around they're stealing the point!". He replied "fuck u don't like it get out". I mean, what else am I supposed to do?

@LibertyForAll: like I said, I don't mind matches where we're losing if it at least feels close. But so often it's a situation where they have three of four points and so everyone's spawning in that one remaining spot and basically getting destroyed by the other team because where else are you gonna spawn? I think the worst map for this is Operation Metro. It's so easy to get two of the three points and just camp your way to victory.

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I'm a huge fan of Bad Company 2. I've probably put in at least 100 hours, which is alot considering I don't get much time to play video games. So I was pumped about Battlefield 3. I got into the alpha and loved it. During the open beta, I was still having fun, but something felt off. When the game finally came out, I reverted back to my opinion from the alpha, and for a while I was having a pretty good time. But man. These last couple of weeks every time I try to play the game I can't go more than 30 minutes before I just have to close the game and do something else. There are several glowing issues that I just can't get past.

First, the lack of automatic team-scrambling really sucks. Anyone who has played BF3 for a while knows what dealing with Origin/the battlelog can be like. So after putting up with that, it's really frustrating to get put into a match where the opposite team is winning 175-15. So you stick around for another match, only to get your ass handed to you again in an obvious issue of skill lopsiding. People seem to HAAAATE MW3, but I give it credit for at least putting you in some pretty even matches most of the time. And even when they're not even, it's so easy to back out and join a different match. It never takes more than 30 seconds. With BF3, if I wanna join another server I have to close the game and go through the battlelog bullshit. It takes so much longer.

My second biggest issue ties in with the first. The community, or at least the part of the community I've dealt with, seems to be made up almost entirely of total assholes. Anytime I try to play as a team, people will just tell me to fuck off. If I try to say the most slightly negative thing on the BF3 message boards I get nothing but "lol n00b" "play better" "go back to mw3" responses that have to be coming from people that can't be older than 14. I know every game has that group, but for BF3 it's like the rule rather than the exception. Starcraft 2's community puts it to shame.

I really wish I could enjoy the game I paid 60 dollars for. On the surface there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to. The gameplay is awesome, the sound effects and graphics are top notch, and I enjoyed the hell out of the previous game in the series. But I just can't get into this one.

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Thanks for all the love guys. I will proudly represent the Giantbomb nation in my quest to become a skinny dude! 
@crusader8463:  I was kinda in the same camp as you, except instead of having my choices of food being put on me by other people, it was more I was too broke to afford the healthy stuff, and anyone who's ever been a broke college kid can tell you, the worst stuff for you is also always the cheapest. But I got a job,   some money, and just decided enough was enough. It sounds like you're in the right time-frame. Only thing I can recommend is if you can't cut out the stuff that's bad for you completely, at least try to have less of it. And exercise really is a huge part of weight loss, so at least try to get into the habit.  Also, I never really felt different, it was only other people and my scale that let me know I was losing weight. And I mean, once you start going down in pants sizes, you can't really deny that it's happening anymore.  
@GlenTennis: congrats man. Cutting out regular soda was without a doubt the best decision I ever made. Even when I cheat, I know it's not that bad because I'm still under a 2000-calorie deficit and I'm still not drinking sugar-loaded sodas. Exercise is underrated when it comes to dieting. Changing your eating habits is (usually) just not enough.    

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@Errordotocx:  hey, as long as you recognized it was happening and made some changes. I definitely have my lazy days, but now that I've been doing it for months, I just have to run sometimes.
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I've lost over 80 pounds since October and was just curious if any other bombers have had similar weight loss success stories.  I went from a 2XL shirt to a L and a 44-waist pants to a 36. I'm still looking to lose about 50 more pounds. 

 Before, with my cat Snowball
 After. I tied that sweet-ass bowtie myself.
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So, I've been playing Starcraft 2 on and off since it first came out. But here recently it's really sinked its claws into me and I find myself hopelessly addicted to it. Unfortunately, I suck ass. Even more unfortunate, it deems me Gold League-level in 1v1, which I promise I'm not.  
So I really, really want to be good. But I just can't seem to do it. I know the basics, but it seems like I can never make them gel. It's like I've got the Legos, but lost the instruction booklet. I know my key-binding, I know my basic build orders, but I just can't win. So I say all that, to ask two things to the Giantbomb SCII community at large: firstly, if you ever at some point sucked (everyone had to have, right? surely no one's just instantly good), what helped you get better? Any specific videos/guides/etc?  Secondly, would anyone be interested in spectating/skyping some ladder matches of mine to try to help me get better? I promise, if you can tutor me and help me not suck, I will pay it back.  
Anyways, anything else you want to tell a noob, and hopefully do so constructively, I would appreciate immensely. Thanks amigos, and always, have batman.

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@rjayb89: am I supposed to be seeing all the cock-like imagery in that picture, or is that just me being weird?
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I'm sorry, but Recovery is NOT a better album than The Suburbs. In fact, it's not a better album than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which WASN'T EVEN NOMINATED. What the hell happened this year, Grammys? 

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@FreakAche: hate the layout, but I've always found the reviews to be pretty solid.