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A box of Cinnabons.

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It would take you...2851 continuous hours118 days,19 hours,51 minutesof gameplay to complete your Steam library


Travel to Venus 1 times

I better start packing, that's a lot of hours

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I'd like to see both Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Metro Redux go 75% off by sales end. Maybe this will happen in a community choice, maybe in the encore, who knows?

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Bedford, NS, Canada

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@fisk0: Thanks dude. Would never have known if it wasn't for your post.

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@Azteck: I tried to attach multiple images, but it wasn't working.

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Anyone seen this issue happening in Bad Company 2? It wasn't happening in Cold War, it began occurring in the next level, Heart of Darkness. I'm using dual ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870s.

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Didn't read the rules. I'm a procrastinator in life as in games so I don't have much to keep track of, but I'll keep track of Renegade Ops.

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