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Ryan endlessly entertained. He was one of the best hosts I have ever seen or heard. I was genuinely excited everytime He hosted something. This is a real shock to my system but I'm certain thousands of people feel this way because of how damn good he was. He was the best at what he did. His personality was Giant.


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This article was interesting. Thanks to all involved.

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I didn't watch many action movies in 2012, but after finishing The Grey on Netflix moments ago I found it to be much more my speed than The Dark Knight Rises. Once again, Liam Nieson was perfectly cast as the reluctant bad ass. I'll consider tracking down a few of the other films you listed.

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I'm trying to figure out Apple's manuever on switching to the lightning charging cable. It's a change which deserves a comprehensive explanation. Many accessories will be left behind. I was amused by an Engadget live blogger at the event who made a snarky remark about how odd it was to hear a room full of people clap over switching to a new cable. Is this good for the consumer?

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I'm sorry Patrick. Best wishes to you and your family.

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It was nice to see a seemingly humble man get sort of "discovered" because he has real talent.

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I was fortunate enough to witness some of what happened at MolyjamSF through the stream. It was really fascinating to see a few tweets evolve into something of a movement in less than a few weeks. Well done to Anna, Patrick, Chris and to all the participants!

While watching some of the presentations on Sunday, I realized the speech Peter Molyneux gave at the London event was quite prudent. Who the hell was OMGPOP a few weeks ago? Look at what was accomplished in forty-eight hours during this game jam. It's a very interesting time for the industry.

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@Marokai: That quote was part of a larger post I deleted due to my concern that people would take it out of context. My original post was in response to unruly comments about this article and its author. I think Patrick's article is an example of how the Giant Bomb staff is very responsive to the concerns of the "community." In my original post the quote was juxtaposed against what I believed the intention of This article is. After much reading about the Mass Effect ending, I think other sites did not give reader opinions the appropriate amount of respect on the matter. This article did.

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Great article. And it's worth mentioning that despite the fact many of us take issue with some aspects of the Mass Effect franchise, the team at BioWare did an exceptional job developing a gaming universe we clearly care about. Once Brad gets his Shepard off that damn flash drive record a spoiler cast!

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A weekly wrap up mentioning stories worth reading is a great idea. When N'Gai Croal posted a link to the millions article on twitter yesterday, I was surprised to learn someone like Amis intersected with video games earlier in his writing career. The Amis article - and others like it - need a light shined on them more often. If you look at the way games are covered by most of the publications out there, it appears that this type of story would typically fall to the wayside in the interest of generating ad bucks. Tycho over at Penny Arcade said something to this effect on his blog post titled "Exclusivity." After announcing the hiring of Ben Kuchera, he made a comment on the games press: "I want a Curator for the Internet’s gaming content. In a couple words, I want something less insulting and disposable." I couldn't agree more. This seems like a move in the right direction. A destination for that type of content has value.

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