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For some reason I get the feeling this list was Jeff realizing how shitty a year it was for video games in 2014.

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So does the game crash if you unplug your internet, or does it mean you don't get any dynamic events? Pretty much the only question that requires answering instead of this conjecture on all sides.

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Lol this game is a joke. Giant dev team, hundreds of millions of dollars. For what? Four planets of Halo horde mode for 20 hrs, with a patchwork of story. Followed by one raid where you just get endlessly pummeled, dieing every ~2 minutes.

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Vinyl is just a niche market, for were all super cool DJ's playing friends weddings, and people born after the creation of the Walkman trying to be hipster-nostalgic about the past. If you probably correlate the growth rate of new subscribes for music subscription services, that would eclipse any numbers for vinyl.

@video_game_king: Its called a record player, it spins the record while a needle reads the changes in the grooves to produce music.

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Less QQ more PewPew.

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My gaming platform is the PC, but when new consoles were announced I was excited because that meant better overall looking games for everyone. I known that graphics aren't what make a game great, but I'd say everyone loves those few titles that just blow your pants off with visual goodness.

My question though is, where is the visual goodness? None of the trailers show anything mind boggling. I'd say most games are still struggling to just be on par with BF4. The only real other visually awesome game down the line is the Witcher 3, but that was to be expected from cdprojekt. (Also I guarantee that's running on a beast of a rig, cdprojekt isn't known for forgiving engines.)

I guess this means EA games using the Frostbite engine, have a solid platform, and a visually amazing Mass Effect game is enticing. CDprojekts cyberpunk will probably be a visual feast as well, but everything else looks anti-climatic when these next-gen games can barely compete with a last-gen game.

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Um, wtf? What?,Why? this good?

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COD with robots. I don`t know why I was expecting anything else. Mark another disappointment down in the fps genre. At least BF4 still has some battlefield flavor left in it, and if I want CQC I`ll play some CS. At least I saved $60.

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@lifeasclarity , @humanity:

I'd say I have to pretty much agree with lifeasclarity in all regards to Comstock being a flat character. I was also having trouble defining how I felt about the twist, but the idea of it just being hollow, and lacking soul hits the nail on the head. It feels like such an afterthought in the composition of the narrative, and highlights how schizophrenic I find the narrative. Maybe the story was a bit too ambitious for Levine's own good? It feels like he had a beginning, and an ending. Then decided to place some filler in the middle, and tack on another twist to the ending.


I think you might be reading too much into the fact that in all games the protagonist always has an unbelievable amount of freedom to do damage towards the antagonists cause.

@aetheldod: I don't feel it would of made the twist any better, just wouldn't of been a twist anymore. Out of curiosity where or how was it telegraphed?