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@falling_fast: Jeff probably looked at it and said "This isn't a game".

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@fear_the_booboo: Most government funding goes to AAA studios because it isn't Art funding, it's economic, industry growth funding. And it has been successful in establishing game industries in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. From that springboard the indie scenes have grown, especially in Toronto, and Montreal. Now Canada has a growing game industry, greatly in part thanks to the Government giving EA, and Ubisoft money. Also most of that funding is tax-reduction related, and not directly funding studios for 85% of their operating cost.

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So a studio with 85% of their budget covered by the government, all of a sudden fails to be successful when that government funding is reduced or taken away? So to say there ever was a sustainable market for these games is probably a bold face lie.

I like artistic games,I buy plenty or artsy games. But admittedly I like there to actually be a game part to the so called "GAME". If you want to make artistic "experiences" instead of artistic games, then don't be surprised if your avant garde tastes are just too philosophical, and profound for many people who play games to forget and relax.

But in all honesty their artistic "experiences" where terrible games, and their so called deep artistic, emotional, philosophical ideas where terribly portrayed/explained/alluded. I bought the Path, because it looked interesting, and couldn't tell if I got taken, or if I simply missed the obvious "this is a joke" subtitle.

There are plenty of games that bring philosophical debate, pluck heart strings, and have enough game portions to actually be called a game. Plus they're actually good compared to the trash this studio released.

And the biggest ridiculous touch to this story is the “no longer be making commercial games.” quote. A two person art team funded by the government, pretending to be game company to acquire said funding, is announcing they will no longer be making "Commercial games". Ha!

People who love the art they make, don't bitch about a lack of audience. They make their art, and figure out a way for it to be sustainable endeavor within their circumstances. And they don't tweet about how the people in their medium should die, and fuck off. Good riddance. Hopefully they find a more suitable outlet for their "art", and everyone can live happily ever-after.

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I'm sure this is a good game, but that review reads like a long winded bullet point description of the game. It lacks any thoughtful discussion.

  • Hey there's a main Story! (NO WAY!)
  • Hey its open world.
  • Hey loot is a big part, in this open world rpg! (NO WAY!)
  • Hey we promise our side quests aren't boring, but they are repetitive, just a little.
  • Hey the combat is OK it's kinda like Witcher 2 but we made it easier instead of designing a proper combat system.

But putting that aside, how in good conscience can you give a CDP game 10/10 before release on their word that the day one patch will fix everything? On top of not seeing the PC or X1 version? If a studio with their track record doesn't show you all three versions working flawlessly before release, its shameful for a review publication to faint ignorance. Have you seen CDP's track record? Both of their last games were wrecks on release, and underwent huge design changes on top of bug fixes.

Again its probably a good game, but nothing in that review reads 10/10. I feel like the review reads more accurately as an 8, otherwise the reviewer fails to show why this is a 10/10.

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From software has great idea's, great art, great ambition, yet they suck at the process of actually making games. The weird frame-rate based systems, to every Souls game PVP being broken.

Same thing with Armored Core always being an amazing idea, bogged down by the fact From Software is the one that makes the game.

I'm always hesitant to say that if only From hired new people, outsourced, or committed to any kind of change. Since most likely we would never end up haivng had the Souls game we know today.

Lords of the Fallen run amazingly well, and I never had any of the technical glitches common in the Souls games. Although Lords of the Fallen is barely a shadow in relation to the Souls games.

Just have to take the good, and accept the fact that From will never make a solid multiplayer experience.

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@canteu said:

Most people don't even have a DVD drive in their PC, let alone a Blu-Ray drive.

This is where the market is going. I don't have a DVD drive in any PC I own, let alone a B-Ray drive. Further more I barely even use USB drive's anymore when I can just transfer/share/move files via the cloud.

Retail PC games are like Vinyl, its cool and hip to be different but the world has moved on. Sorry for the bad news bears.

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So it sounds like you just don't like playing with other people? All those categories can pretty much encompass all players.

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Can I just say that by attempting to summarize such a complicated subject for the armchair physicist, you probably lose a huge amount of nuance and perspective regarding these proposed theories. I doubt even an undergrad could probably fully grasp the nuance of these idea's, without fumbling about.

Its not about smarts, you need to spend years on these types of subjects to be well versed in their meaning. You need to be well versed in current and previous theoretical models in order to understand the new theories proposals. Otherwise you are simply regurgitation information you don't truly understand.

A smith can explain how to make a samurai sword, but unless you've spent years making nails, spoon, hammers, and broadswords. The nuance of the production that defines a samurai sword is completely lost on the laymen.

Unfortunately physics is a similar discipline, if you ever get to talk with such a physicist, you'll understand that you really don't understand the nuance, and the nuance is everything.

Theoretical physics is such a different arena than applied physics. Most applied/experimental physicist would tell you that theoretical physicists are crazy.

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This promo smells of trailer-hype just like kinect.

Normal people don't want to wear giant headsets, be it hologram, or VR. This whole headset fad will end-up being another tech bubble. Smartphones have created this simulated interest in "technology" by the larger masses, alongside apps. While in reality all ppl do on their phones is send text's, browse the web, and play mindless games.That's as far as the general masses commitment to technology extends.

This magical world where ppl carry mobile headsets isn't a real category in the market, its too much effort and commitment for the average joe/jane.