The Illusive Man is a Reaper

I dont like that he always has intel into both sides and sends Shepard in anyway. Like he is hoping that this time he will be killed. And when he makes it, the Illusive Man just so happens to have a plausible excuse for knowing both sides. 
The dudes eyes are mechanical. He is a mechanical human. He is a Reaper Human. 
Who's with me?


How do you officially appeal a GB Review? Fable 3

I love this website, its staff and its community. But as someone who identifies with this site, I dont want the History to show that Fable 3 got the same score as games like Mafia 2 and 50 cents Blood on the Sand. It's got some issues, but there is no way it is a peer to other 3 star GB games, check out some of the other titles that got 3 star reviews.  
All I am asking is how do we get the GB guys to consider adjusting the score?