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Any half-decent DLC will go on sale individually. They aren't going to make content that only GameStop pre-orders will ever see. 'Exclusive' pre-order DLC is a trap made to catch rubes. I can't believe people still fall for it.

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I saw it - it was aggressively boring. (I haven't seen TF2 or TF3).

My main complaints were:

  • "Optimus Prime" was a bloodthirsty killing machine, constantly shouting "I'LL KILL YOU. RRRAAHHGG!" (Mostly against humans.)
  • The movie didn't feel internally consistent, especially around magic transformer goo.
  • The action was so over the top that is was boring. Tons of guns firing and explosions but no one seems to get hurt at all. (Unless they are supposed to die in which case you see it coming a mile away.)
  • The humans weren't even really characters. Painfully unfunny. The closest they get to drawing any kind of a character is to spend minutes of screen time on explaining the ins and outs of banging jailbait.
  • The autobots had personalities, but weren't really introduced and didn't seem to have consistent vehicle forms.
  • The action focuses on the humans to save budget I guess, but it means that I don't really understand how the huge battle at the end was resolved off-screen?
  • The movie just sort of ends once (most?) of the main bad guys are beaten, and still felt way too long.
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It seems to me like a miscasting.

During the quicklook I was confused at first about where the voice was supposed to be coming from. Once I realized it was the little AI thing it made sense again, but felt like it should have some kind of GLADoS style processing overlaid.

I suspect the problem is that they hired a "big name" for the role, and so they don't want to distort the voice (thus making it unrecognizable). They should have just hired an unknown and gave it a robo-voice.

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Finished the game, and then read the Tom Chick review.

Can't say that I agree with it too much, other than they are telling a different kind of story, in a different way.

I particularly disagree about "no exploring." This game felt like it had a pretty strong Souls influence, with much of the depth - both of story and of gameplay - coming from exploration and experimentation. I think Bastion gave most players the same experience, while Transistor gives you more, the more you put in to it.

Transistor definitely demands more from the player than Bastion did, and I can understand why that would put off certain types of people. I think this is ultimately a trade-off. With Bastion, I played through it twice and was done. Transistor seems like a game I might be able to keep coming back to, and keep learning new things.

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I've played about 4 hours so far, and the game seems better than Bastion in almost every way.

I can understand people not liking the game, but I find it really confusing that there are people saying they liked Bastion but don't like this. While it is not just "more Bastion" it really feels like a Bastion 2.0 to me. It will be interesting to see people's opinions once they have had a while to think about why they like/dislike the game.

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well I've played about 10 hours of Fract OSC now and while I haven't finished the game yet, it feels like a 5 star game in my book

I just beat it. 5 Stars for sure.

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@eujin: From my beta experience the gameplay was nothing like Skyrim, but some of that probably has to do with the play style of the individual player. In Skyrim I could stumble upon things and really 'explore' but in the MMO, no only are there usually 5-10 people clustered around anything interesting, but quest objects don't appear in the world until you have been assigned to get them.

For example, in the beta I was exploring and found what looked like it would be an interesting cave, only for it to be empty of any interact-able objects. Then 10 minutes later I got a quest to retrieve 3 widgets, and suddenly there was a sparkly widget in the cave. As far as I could tell, you will never find anything interesting related to a quest until the exact step you are supposed to. That kind of thing makes the world false and dead to me in a way that Skyrim is not.

Also, I made an archer in both Skyrim and ESO, and the combat gameplay is extremely different for that weapon. In Skyrim you aim shots, draw the arrow back and pick your moment to shoot, which I found very immersive. In ESO you can face away from your enemy and with a single click of the mouse, your character will spin around and shoot at your target. The bow might as well be a fireball spell.

For me the gameplay felt nearly identical to Guild Wars 2 reskinned. Not necessarily bad, but not what I am looking for from Elder Scrolls.

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Jeff's positive Infamous:SS review almost got me to buy a PS4.

UNFORTUNATELY, it looks like 'the market' has spoken, and now a PS4 ($449.99+tax) and Infamous ($69.99+tax) is even more expensive than the XBONE Titantfall bundle ($499.99+tax) and the PS4 doesn't even include a decent headset or the camera.

Cool deal for early PS4 adopters not getting screwed for once, I guess, but no way am I getting a PS4 in the near future with these prices. Kinda disappointed.

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In the past I probably would have said that it's crazy.

But right now, you can pay $60+ for the right to Alpha test EverQuest Next Landmark, which is a free-to-play game. Wrap your head around that.