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I read the first three books of the Long Price but I think they never published the last one in Canada, which really sucks because I was really enjoying them.

Actually, that was years ago, so maybe there is some ebook available now. I should probably look in to that.

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I think it is both funny and frustrating that that they let Brad "get away with it again" this year with Destiny.

Wish Jason had spoken up more. I felt like he had some good things to say.

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I got Escape Goat. It's pretty good!

edit: Didn't spend any money on gems.

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Get off my lawn.

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Crazy. I thought Knack would be the first disc game for PS4 for sure.

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Is the "MOBA-space" really competitive? I know that everyone and their grandma is trying to make a DOTA clone, but are any of them any good / successful (competitive)?

LoL and DOTA2 are at the top - is there anything that could be considered 'third place' or are all these games just fighting over scraps and doomed to die?

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This is the best use of lockers IMO:

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I think big names leaving big studios to do their own smaller thing is probably good for everyone.

Ideally, this will allow Jade to have some real freedom to take risks without hundreds of jobs being on the line, as well as allowing new blood at Ubi to flourish.

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If they came to me tomorrow and asked me how they could make the site more welcoming? Here are three things I'd suggest.

A. Patrick cannot be the only person trying to reach out to women. The rest of the staff needs to make an effort and they need to prove it to their audience.

B. They need to put women on staff.

C. They need to raise their consciousness on the industry issues that affect women. Again, heads in the sand.

Jeff Gerstmann has the privilege of staying out of this. For women like me, Zoe Quinn, Samantha Allen - we DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE. I can't ignore a freight train coming towards us.

Giant Bomb feels silence is not consent. That's because they don't understand very much about the realities we face.

I feel like what you are asking for (politicizing Giant Bomb) would destroy the site, for me. I bet the same is true for others.

More and more, it seems like 3rd party gaming sites are about politics, and less about games. There is definitely room on the internet for sites that deal with those issues, but I don't think is should be a requirement to be a "good" site.

It is poisonous for a "with us or against us" mentality to take hold. I do not want Giant Bomb to go on a crusade for women, but that doesn't mean I don't want women to be successful in gaming.

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@yogibeast: From the trailer, I don't get the sense that this game is an intentional meta-commentary the way Spec Ops: The Line was, but I think this post still gets to the heart of the matter.

Shooting and killing is the fun, primary mechanic in tons of games. The only difference between this one and the other ones, is the excuse the story presents as to why it is allowed. It's refreshing for a game to be honest (if laughably edgy) about what it is, instead something like Destiny's "push back the Darkness, I guess?" mentality.