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Hey guys, i'm looking for people with TF2 items that don't actually play TF2 anymore and would be willing to trade their items for FC3 Deluxe that is Steam Tradable

Just post your backpack in here and i'll pick whichever backpack interests me the most

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Regardless every time stuff like this happens, people who believe LAN should still be a part of games gets good arguments

You can't hold such a big tournament and just pray that the internet will hold especially when there are i don't know how many hundreds of thousand of people watching on own3d and Twitch

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People think they got DDOSed because the official statement was along the lines of ''we will resume games from a safe and secure location''

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The deal is still good, you have to select the ''PC Download'' option and not ''PC''

Yes the code is redeemable on Steam but the ''PC'' option is an actual physical copy and not the digital version of the game

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I will probably get it when it's very cheap on sale, even though i hear nothing but good things about it

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#7 Posted by BeBen (7 posts) - League of Legends total viewers peaked around 300,000 today

Starcraft 2 was second at around 15,000 viewers