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I think it will better than 2011 and pretty much equel to 2010 with more quality releases early in the year and traditionally some hot games at the end of the year. Syndicate, Mass Effect 3, GTA V, probably XCOM, Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider and my most anticipated BioShock Infinite. I also hope for proper Assassin's Creed III and maybe, just maybe Half-Life 3 announced at E3 with the release by the end of the year. That would probably make it the best year in gaming ;)

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That's probably the first ever MMOPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Puzzle Game.

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I love the looks of my 3DS but this add-on is butt-ugly.

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This is awesome

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@Sargus said:
" I curious whether or not it will have achievements/trophies... "
Achievements are mandatory on 360 so we can assume yes. Remember, Quake 4 on 360 comes with XBLA release of Quake 2, and it featured full set of its own achievements.
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Well, that's pretty lame but understandable from Microsoft's point of view. To add a word of hope, maybe the game turned out to be just too damn good to be released in a month like March?

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Looks really cool, I love the voice-over narrative.

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 I'm astonished that some people name BioShock. For me it was just the contrary, like one of the very best endings in video game history.    But I'm with you on Fallout 3. Well, majority of the storyline was lame and the ending was just a nail to the coffin, especially comparing to super awesome ending of Fallout 1 ;)

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And now I have to spend even more money on Dragon Age ;) Let's hope it's gonna be at least as good as Leliana's dlc.

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It would be lovely to see DNF making their way to the store shelves with Gearbox as developer but first of all, this game is obviously cursed and it's not letting anyone finish itself. And secondly, Gearbox should rather work on Aliens Colonial Marines, a very promising game that has a chance of being first great Alien game since 1999's "AvP"