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You guys have guts… too bad they're all over the floor. 0

The problem with movie tie-ins, most notably to summer blockbusters, is that they all tend to suck. Things are the way they are for number of reasons. Not enough development time to polish the game; lack of creative thinking because the game will sell either way if only the movie is successful; or simply because the source material sucks in the first place. After watching "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at the cinema when it premiered I was really disappointed with how badly the movie turned out espe...

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Far from being instant classic but still pretty satisfying. 0

Years in the making and another several months for PAL regions availability, the fifth game in the main series of Silent Hill is finally out on the 360. There were many concerns about this one being developed by not only some other studio than Team Silent but also a western developer. Fortunately it turns out that this American take on Japanese take on American horror is better than expected. Game is heavily inspired by the 2006 movie adaptation of the series so it's a bit like game to movie an...

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