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Keano said:

buy a decent tv and quit bitching. this is 2008 not 1808


Yeah, people in 1808 had really bad TVs. How lame. :/
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atheistium said:
"Good stuff but I am still looking for 100+ friends list. I have to keep deleting people."

I know the feeling.
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WilliamRLBaker said:
"I got one for 50 bux after the bust and still took advantage of the 5 free hd dvds and purchased a few cheap hd dvds. but i mostly use it cause saves my 360's dvd drives for when i watch movies."
Same here. Got the player with King Kong. Then 5 free movies. $50. And it saves the drive like you said.
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SC4 is great. Its the first fighting game in some time that brought me back to the genre. All of them are great, but SC4 feels different. The create a character is great.

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TheGTAvaccine said:
"I bought it today, along with Braid."

I've heard nothing but good thimgs about Braid. What's your take on it?
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Beating Expert career on GHIII and Rockband. I have 1 song left on each game and i just can't beat them. I'm not good enough to beat alot of songs on expert 100% because of the sick solos in most of them. And those are the parts giving me a hard time in the last song on each game. It took me forever to beat Lou on Hard on GHIII as it was. But at least i got that one eventually.

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I didn't like the first one that much. They were fun in the PGR series to goof around on. But i didn't like it enough that i would buy it as a stand alone game. I guess i'm just burned out from all the late night Robotron marathons in the arcade when i was a kid?

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Gorillawhat said:
"Fully up to date now. I was getting lazy since it's the long weekend here. Everything is in perfect order and awesomeness, now stare in sadness as your gamerscore gets plumented by everyone elses =(
I'm still not on the first page with the list. Was my score added to the total?


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get2sammyb said:
"MsCortana said:
"lordofultima said:
"This is personally a bit offensive to me, as an American. There's plenty of things I can say about men of other countries, but I choose not to. You should heed your words a bit more.
I feel the same way, as I take great pride in the fact that I'm American.   I will never understand, how you can stereotype an entire population of people by a few poor experiences on is by no means intellectually sound.  I receive my fair share of flack on XBL, does that hinder my experience....NO!  I'm there to game and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some uneducated jerk hinder my experience. 

I think you guys conveniently skipped over a few of the points I made in the original post. I totally understand that these guys are not reflective of your country or your culture.

They are representative of the XBOX Live experience though.

I'm not looking for a war or enemies here -- I'm just telling it like it is.
It goes both ways. I can't get on a game of CoD4 with any Brits anymore without being attacked immediately for being American. I understand it's a defense mechanism since they've been attacked probably since the start. But it doesn't make it right. And it doesn't help your cause. It's a nuisance yeah, but like MsCortana said, i'm there to play games and have fun. I'm not easily offended, and a few jerks aren't going to change the experience i have on Live.