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Patrick, I could never imagine the sorrow you must feel because of the loss of your father. I don't know much about him, but I do remember that you mentioned him during the Madden quick look as being into football and you went along with him even if you didn't like football at the time. I always feel that enduring doing stuff you don't like to do was the mark that you truly loved someone.

Life is one of the greatest things on earth, but the harsh reality of our world is that we have to eventually pass on to the next life. You were right in saying that you should cherish the time that you have with your loved ones, but another important thing is to not beat yourself up over what you could have done or said to your father before he passed on. Your dad loved you more than anything else and he passed happy knowing of your marriage and the start of your own family. I guess that's the one thing you can take solace in, especially in this dark time, that your dad still loved you even as he passed.

Seeing your tweets made me scared about my own dad, who I have been very close to. I never really had many friends, but my dad would listen to me. When I heard that your dad passed at an especially younger age, I was scared about my own dad who has some health problems. However, after some consideration, I realized the only thing I could ever do to quell the pain of him eventually passing on was that I had to make him the proudest dad in the world by graduating, getting a job and getting married. No matter how bad things get, just remember that you made your dad proud and hopefully he is guiding you through life and you'll meet him on the other side.

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forrest gump, the greatest movie ever made

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Good Luck Chuck,

First of all, awful comedies are worse than awful dramas because you can laugh during an awful drama because it is so bad, but you are just silent and bored during an awful comedy. Secondly, I thought that not only was that movie not funny, it was annoying, offensive, sexist and insulting. It makes me sad to think that some people think Dane Cook is anything other than a smarmy, unfunny asshole.

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bioshock was boring to play

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Duke Nukem: Forever, UGHHHHHHHH

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Isn't this demo already on the site

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Uncharted 3 looks great, plus I already put way too much time in that Subway thing. I'm worried about Skyrim because I don't know if they made the game as hard as Oblivion especially with the leveling

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I am not actually a subscriber, but Gamefly is by far the best used game retailer out there because the have far and away the cheapest prices and the even have unused download codes for games with online passes. I got duke nukem for 10 bucks

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the darkness stew


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Idk 3 games from gearbox in 2012 seems like a big load. I hope the quality doesn't suffer