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"Lady, stop sucking my dick or I will call the cops"

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Easy, cougars because it took me much longer to kill the two cougars with the knife than the bear with the knife which I did my first try

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I usually name my characters after alternates of my name, similar to what Vinny named his characters in Demon's souls. So since my name is Brendan, I name them Brendalin, Brendaleus, etc.

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I guess this is the version to buy because I could use a better version of Frontline which I actually got for the gamecube which had the most horrible left stick ever

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I just rewatched the trilogy and I just found something that will blow your mind. In the first movie, Doc Brown says the engine in the Delorean is electrical with plutonium powering the flux capacitor. After they get the Mr. Fusion, in the third movie they then say the Delorean actually runs on an internal combustion engine rather than an electrical engine. What do you think???? Do the film makers take us for a bunch of morons???

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I have never played Sam and Max, but I have heard great things about the game. I have also heard that this game is actually one of the few games to be funny. If I win, I wonder what it will be like to play an old fashioned adventure game?

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Led Zeppelin and AC/DC

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My grandma said I am related to Richard the Lion Hearted.

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Easy, Jesus Ezekial Jesus, that's from the bible,
Then boxy brown

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Personally, you should only buy a game that has two things: 1. The game has gotten good reviews or a trusted compatriot has recommended it to you
                                                                                                              2. The amount of gameplay time is enough so that your 60 dollars were worth it.