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Welp guess I won't be getting Far Cry 4 or Rainbow 6: Siege after all. Bummer.

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Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Counter Strike: GO, just to name a few.

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@rockdalf: Agreed.

@chimpchamp: I feel you on this one for sure. I haven't taken any articles written by Patrick seriously for more than a year now because of his biases. He's just another voice in the echo chamber that is mainstream modern game "journalism". I know that it might be hard to remain impartial on issues like GamerGate, but isn't it a journalist's duty to explore as many angles on any given topic as possible? And while hating and harassing people (journalists or otherwise) is not cool, shouldn't people who disagree with opinions like his be allowed to voice their own without being labeled chauvinists and disregarded completely? If anything, journalism like Patrick's/the silencing of opposing opinions has, for gamers who are uninterested or ignorant to this shit, trivialized the opinions that he and many other gaming journalists are preaching.

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Fuck The Fine Bros.

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A GOOD Mercenaries sequel.

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You should get a credit card, but use it only for small things that you can pay off as soon as possible. That way you can build up your credit really easily. Other than that, get your shit turned in on time, study/party hard (when you have the time) and meet lots of people. Have fun! (Edit: The first few months may suck ass, but stick it out. It's worth it.)

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Mercenaries 2 for $60. Jesus Christ.

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Man of Steel. Good lord was it awful

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Neither, and it's probably going to stay that way. The computer that I built in the summer of 2012 is more powerful than either of them.

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I noticed today that the Steam autumn sale was happening and saw that Planetary Annihilation was 25% off. I've been interested in this game for a while now, but I always found the price tag to be a bit steep. Now that it's on sale, I'm tempted to buy it. Is it worth the money?