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It's great. I only got into it because they record it near where I live.

I can't wait to see what happens with floki, it seems like he's gonna betray ragnar now.

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Greenleaf posing as her daughter was super obvious =/

  • I did not interrupt Snow's eulogy.
  • I went to Trip Trap first (going to Crane's place first seemed too obvious >_>)
  • I offered a job to Flycatcher.
  • I burned Greenleaf's tree.
  • I killed Tweedle Dum.

Exactly this. I was trying to play the good guy but when I seen the prompt to kill Dum I did it instantly.

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Weird, in the room with the golem and the vase there are meant to be those little statues around the wall that come to life when you get close. I don't know if a phantom would do it but if you're stuck otherwise it would be worth a go

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I did it when I got havels armor. I think if you're wearing armor that upgrades with plain titanate you should upgrade it because I ended up with a ridiculous amount of titanate towards the end of the game

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I love the Normandy.

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Because It's a hobby for dumb babies.

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I had to make some really tough choices so lets hope this is Caterhams year! Thanks for doing this duder it's awesome.

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I recently watched 1: Life on the Limit which is a great documentary about F1 and how dangerous it was up to the nineties. If you're interested in the sport then you should check it out.

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The crestfallen warrior is in the comic for DS2 isn't he?

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So IGN are doing a Making of Dark Souls 2 with From with part one on their site now and it is incredibly interesting. There are some spoilers about some mechanics and areas if people want to avoid those. They also did an unboxing of the collectors edition if you're into that.