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I joined the other day so if anyone wants to add me I'm Beefygrandmole on psn.

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@kerse: I'm playing it on vita right now after watching the anime a few months ago. The start of the game is pretty much the same but later there is more story stuff that wasn't in the anime.

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I can see Konami farming it out and getting an outside team to throw something together. Maybe finish episode 51 and put it out as paid dlc.

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The photosynthesis thing makes some sense when it's first explained as the end wasn't wearing a suit so much as plants were growing out of him. But then you find out that code talker has the same ability which he got from parasites from the ends exploded corpse. It would make more sense if code talker was sitting in his wheelchair wearing nothing but a thong but it seems like they ruined their own justification for it pretty soon after its explained.

My quiet is made of metal and you can have her wear a skull suit which covers her up so it's all just nonsense anyway.

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I thought the boss fight was rad. I used the two rocket launcher tank things to take it down pretty easily but it was pretty tense when one rusted and blew up and then I was running blind through the mist trying to find another.

Also when I came back to mother base there was a cutscene where Eli walks around a corner like you're supposed to follow him but I can't find him. Anyone know where he is?

edit: nevermind just needed to do some missions to move it forward.

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Wow the servers are still undergoing maintenance. This is getting pretty crazy.

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I'm in the same boat. I have almost all the resources I need to max out all platforms but I don't even have enough fuel for one. I've come across some containers that get you 750 fuel each but never more than one at a time.

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@cale: when I saw it out in the world I instantly thought that we're gonna make one and stomp around the world in it. Maybe another buddy :)

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@icf_19xx: Yeah just noticed Ground Zeroes had installed a new patch.

Update 1.04

"SAVEDATA UPLOAD" added to main menu.

So I guess if people no longer have Ground Zeroes nothing carries over for them.

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I bought an iPad air to play hearthstone and read mange so I don't think you're crazy.