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Hello to you all, thought I would share my recent bad experience with New Vegas (Xbox 360)
I've had the game since October 2010 and have amassed about 55 hours on hardcore mode no less.
Now when I load my most recent 3 saves it always crashes (Hangs) when I either go through a door or try to fast travel.
If I go to the last save before these (losing about 10 hours work) it doesn't do this.
The save loads fine - no indication of corruption but it's acting like it is, or it has bugged out somehow.
I've got little choice but to re-do the 10 hours lost and hope it does not happen again.
I did try moving the save to a USB stick but it made no difference - my last hope is to try the disc and or hard drive in another xbox.
Anyone experienced anything similar?

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My point was - not everyone with 420 in their name will hurl abuse at you - as someone in these comments suggested, and many others will also suggest this.
Most likely based on hearing Jeff say it on a podcast
EDIT - never mind - It was you that made the comment I see - I'm preaching to the choir!

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@MaFoLu: Some of us are Gentleman I'll have you know, you judgemental so and so
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The only sure thing about climate change are the new carbon taxes we will have to pay. 
Which is part of the reason for smart meters coming out - which were at CES this year - Tested had a video

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@H2Oyea:  Already seems pretty corporate to me - charging for memberships and is now 4 websites as part of whiskey media not just Giantbomb - this is not all Jeffs is it - there are men in suits in the background I reckon - not in shorts
EDIT - and @DarkTemplar - how are a GROUP of people all behaving the same, individuals?
EMO is just another group for people to associate themselves with - there is nothing individual about classing yourself as an EMO - it is the complete opposite of individuality
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The achievements for Super Meat Boy on PC look insane, I'm glad I got the 360 version.
I feel bad for the completionists amongst us who are attempting those!

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Yourself and your friend are not everyone
Having 420 in my name means yes I smoke but doesn't automatically make me talk and behave like an idiot.
If you and you're friend did then good luck to you
edit. And don't tell me what I can and cannot complain about
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" Edit: I just realized that the time I happened to post this was 4:20. Haha get it bro? Joint ops, blunt force trauma bro"
 " To my surprise in my first two games there was a southern racist, a 12-year-old who wouldn't stop talking, and someone named SmokeBud420"
Because having 420 somewhere in your name means you must speak and behave in this way doesn't it.
Because Jeff says so and you parrott him
Stop judging people before you've even spoken to them based on a number in a name!

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First time I've stumbled upon Sim Ant, Looks like I missed a classic!
P.S - Barb Lahey says get that Everlast Wrestling ring outta here

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I can't believe some of the comments in here
 "Is anyone getting kind of sick of this whine and you shall receive mentality of gamers?"
I hope they take some of the functionality away from your favourite game, then maybe you could learn the difference between "whining" and not getting shafted off companies making huge profits - taking your £40/$60 then removing functionality of the game,  which I hope you understand was only to save them time and money. You idiots should learn to stick up for your fellow consumer so we don't all get shafted in similar ways.

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