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I got to fight Jeff in the MvC3 TNT. I want that moment to be mentioned in my obituary.

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This shit is fucking disgusting. What is wrong with people.

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I'd be really appreciative of any codes!

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Is Geoff Keighley the "go-to" person to present all things videogames?

Geoff actually came up with the project.

Geoff will probably never get the respect he deserves because, the internet.

Geoff will always be the Mountain Dew and Dorito guy, and that's fucking stupid.

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I bought a PS3 during winter break and I'm catching up on games I've missed. And I was wondering if this game was still playable.

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It's the Year of Yoshi and if you disagree, you're living in denial.

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I'm fucking in.

0/50 G 0/50 B 0/50 M

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@1der: Yes it was. Thanks!

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So I was going through the Twitch archive and I found this video from last year and I was reminded of another video where Ryan or someone else brought in a cartridge with a bunch of ROM hacks. I tried finding it but I'm having trouble. Anyone care to help?