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Having only just bought the game and not played it, I would hesitate to say you should enter the Drakengard franchise because of Nier. The connections are great, yeah, but Drakengard 1 and 2 were varying degrees of terrible. The only situation where you need to get Drakengard 3 is if you, like me, really really love the first game for some god forsaken reason, and need to know. But it's not going to be Nier 2, if that's what you're really looking for. That said, if you haven't played Drakengard 1, there's an excellent let's play of it on the Let's Play Archive by the Dark Id. It's text and screenshot, but it's one of my favorite let's plays of all time. I'd say look into that, and then decide if you want to a part of this awful family.

Do not pay any mind to Drakengard 2. It's an awful game with none of the interesting things that Drakengard 1 had going for it and all of the terrible everything. Avoid it. Besides, if you take Nier to be the true sequel, like I do, then it's not even canon, and let it remain that way.

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One-Star Jeff and Will Smith's commands are fantastic.

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Reliable source of income. Really, that's it. I like this site and support what these guys are doing, even if often enough I don't have the time to actually watch. I'm letting my sub run out this year because money is getting tight and I'm starting to lop off the various services I don't need anymore.

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I obsessed over them for a brief period. Actually S-ranked Final Fantasy XIII (oh fuck that nonsense). Frankly, Giant Bomb dropping the support did a lot to help me kick the habit. Also not having time to actually play games nowadays. School is too important right now.

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I'm living in New Paltz, New York. There's mountains, a campus, and if you sniff hard enough you can catch the leftover fumes of Woodstock

I don't know if there's a whole lot of history to the place, but the area is beautiful, and the town has got a good vibe to it, plus it's not too large. The college has served me well, though it's heavy on the liberal arts, which makes little old compsci me feel a bit out of place at times.

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I needed to reactivate adblock, I could not stand the Twitch ads. The banners didn't bother me that much, though some were just ridiculous in how large they were. Also, was it just me or did it seem like the banner ads began to cycle much more quickly after the crew talked about them?

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I was real fucking impressed by that first game, but then it was also my first PS3 game, so there was an element of "next gen whooooa" attached. That said, the second game was hot garbage in everyway. The characters and writing of the first game were already a bit too anime, though at the time I had a higher tolerance for the stuff, and the second, well, the second took place in a High School ("Military Academy," it was a fucking high school). That's really all I have to say about it. All while losing the beautiful animation style for some generic, $20 anime sketches. Damn, that game was horrible.

I kinda want to go back to that first game, now that I've got some years between now and its release. A little scared too, because I half expect that what people here are saying about the writing and animeness is right, but I kinda wanna hold out hope for it. At its core, VC was a good game, I'm just sad that everything done with that IP afterwards was complete horseshit, or just straight up never released in the states (and that frakking anime oh my grrrrrrr...).

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No, buuut that's because I already intend on getting a PS4. That said, I would appreciate that very much (more so than PS3 BC, oddly enough. I didn't end up owning a whole lot of PS3 games).

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I'm in a PC place right now. Not from any real devotion to the platform, but because I don't have the money to upgrade my consoles, and PC is where the nice framerate lives. Steam sales of yore have also equipped me with a bounty of games I've yet to play, but then so have PS+. I would not mind switching to console and having my PC become primarily a workstation, though.