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I think this would be more honestly titled "Let's talk about Sommer's MRA affiliated definition of feminism", "Here's what Sommers thinks about 3rd wave feminism" or "Let's attack third wave feminism while throwing out tired cliches about playing the victim card" but whatever. Have fun.

Also it's gross that you're using an RD quote as support when he can't speak for himself.

Emphasis mine. Using that quote is manipulative, especially considering this community.

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He looks like my SO's ex without a haircut. Not a good or a bad thing, just something I noticed after they (the ex) pointed it out. He looks fine, nothing special.

@zombiepie That is exactly what I thought after seeing it the first time.

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Not loving the logo; kinda looks like a racing game.

There's also not much to gather from just this teaser, other that WHOO PS4! I have a reason to upgrade now. I also have a reason to not upgrade and just stick with my dinky PS3, but shush.

Finally: Turtlenecks.

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I don't know if "excited" is the right word, but Drakengard 3 left me feeling real disappointed.

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Well, there's Drakengard. I mean, it's not what I would call a great game. Or a good game. But it's certainly

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I'm kinda playing The Witcher 2. Mostly because I've owned it for too long without actually playing it, also got minihyped for Witcher 3 and want to actually be able to play that when I can.

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Amnesia was pretty scary, especially at the beginning.

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Only reason I don't buy a new console is that I don't have the spending money for that sort of thing right now.

Edit: That said, if I did, E3 made a pretty strong case for the XONE, though I'd also want a PS4

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Not really. I kinda consider in that awkward middle bracket between AAA $400 trillion budget and the indie scene where stuff like Darksiders or Drakengard sits. Sure it's popular as hell in its niche, but there's a reason P5 is coming to last gen consoles.

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As some others are, I'm a little bummed that no gender/racial diversity was added to the mix. In more of a "what could have been" instead of "what should have been" sort of way.

That aside, I'm just glady we have a full deck again. I haven't heard much from Dan, and I've never heard of Jason, so I don't know what to expect from either of them, but hey, Jeff hired them for a reason, right? I'm sure it will be great once I figure out how to differentiate their voices.